The Aftermath of HL2:DQ


I just recently upgraded my computer and after having settled into college life, I am comfortable picking up some more serious gaming. What are you guys gonna be working on next?Out of curiosity, I’m wondering if anyone is interested in tackling Quake 4. I have been playing the game for a few days, and am confident I can complete a single segment run on my own. However, I’m sure if I had a whole team working on the same game again, we would tear it apart and find secrets and shortcuts. The only problem is Quake 4 is VERY linear and VERY much locked down. As far as I know, nobody has really found any substantial shortcuts at all, the run would be more straightforward. It would be less ridiculous tricks and more precision gaming, hauling through areas while taking down enemies. The fighting skill required on the hardest skill is pretty considerable. I have been running single segments through on the easy skill today, and I’ve already completed the game twice. Each one took me roughly 3 hours including loading times, and I have not yet memorized the maps so I am not optimized yet.There is a Quake 4 segmented run on SDA at just over 2 hours, but it’s on easy skill. If some of us got together and worked on a segmented run on hard, I’m sure we could tackle the game. Anyway, this just seems to be my obsession lately, as my machine plays the game beautifully. It’s not a very speedrunner intensive game, more of a gamer run in most ways.So what are you guys up to? Anybody have plans for other games? Or is this going to be your magnum opus?


depending on timing/life i would be interested in attempting to help a q4 speedrun


Haha, I was thinking exactly the same the other day, that perhaps we could all go and cover another game. I would definately be up for Q4, and i agree that It would not be so much extreme tricks, but more of precissive aim / efficiency.I do however, not know much about the game itself, I have played a fair bit of the way through (havnt completed it yet!) , but I do not know how demo’s work etc.Only other point is: that this run would quite possible run over the release of HL2:AM Episode 1? :oOh, and the fact that I dont know how good I am at Q4.


is it possible to record demos or has fraps to be used?


It’s true that Quake 4 is very very linear ^^ I’m playing it now and I always try to find a shorcut even is it is the first time I play it :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I have the disease of speed running :DAnd I’ve read HL²E1 will be release on June 30 ( )


Valve delayed it so much times… I hope they will release it this year, not next =)


September 30 2019 ? :smiley:


Ive played through Q4, and would totally help do a speedrun of it if its with all you guys :-D. I like this community, and i think we could kick that game’s metaphorical ass!


If it’s anything like MP you can get some fast speeds with strafejumping. Combine that with rocketjumping tricks and you might have yourself a perty little speedrun :slight_smile:


But see, therein lies the problem. You CAN strafejump, but the problem is most of the levels are so close quarters and cramped that its not going to help out much. And, sadly, rocket jumping doesn’t seem to work, at least in single player, there is no boost from your own shots. I have seen some monsters that can throw you around quite nicely, but not too high, and most possible shortcuts seem to be blocked by invisible walls. I really think this speedrun is just going to come down to a straightforward slugfest, with very few if any shortcuts, but superior shooting and movement.


Why not after HL2:E1?I think it would be awesome if we started picking it apart the day it came out, and have a speedrun very quickly.


I agree with Chomp, but the thing is, we could satisfy both of these arguements. Okay, i think shortly, we should start Quake 4. Then, whenever Valve decides to release it (itll probably be delayed again for some crazy ass reason), then we just put the Quake 4 run on a halt (basically, completely stop it) for the time being until HL2E1:DQ is done. It really should not take very long at all to do HL2E1:DQ. I think the temporary time from Q4, would be good, because this game seems like (with the intense skill involved instead of game glitches), we might need a break by then from it. I believe this is the best course of action.


hmmm, where can I buy a cheap ass quake 4…


Also, you should probably review the Q4 speedrun thread in SDA. I haven’t been following it but I know one is going on.


I think that sounds good Demon, but at the end of the day, its all up to LX.


You probably know of this, but here’s the Quake4 thread on SDA:;num=1130367639(Check Kibumbi’s signature for his Filefront-profile and watch his Private runs)I’ve been following it kind of, but not intensely.Anyway:Am I right if I would say that the demo-recording is bad in this game? (I have no idea, but I’ve heard such rumours). If not, then obviously demos is the best way to go - otherwise you’ll need Fraps. Playing Quake4 with Fraps would take a whole lot of PC-power and not everyone would be able to have the same graphic-settings (I’m not sure that makes any difference). But I hope demo-recording works fine, but let me know :wink: I definitely encourage you to do this run! :smiley: Personally:“DaleLewill” is thinking of a couple of speed-runs, but none of them have been too serious:NOLF (found a few shortcuts)Max Payne 2 (got interested because of the SDA-thread, have some ideas)FEAR (Found loads of bugs in the beta-demo, most were taken away. Probably need to upgrade my PC before this.)Oblivion (Possibly I’ll do a run with 2 of my friends, nothing seriously has been discussed)


I would be interested in a Half-Life 1 group-run. As far as I know, it hasn’t been done, and tons of new tricks have been found I think. Spider-waffle is working on a 35 minute run or something like that. That means as a group we could probably do it faster.


Don’t know about that, unless we discover big new glitches. He’s putting a lot of work into the run, with a lot of segments and perfection, like his Opposing Forces run. Even if we DID manage to beat it by a few seconds, it wouldn’t be worth it I think.That is, unless you can discover big new glitches, but I’d at least advise waiting until Spider is done the one he’s working on right now before you try.


I would advise not trying at all. Let Spider-Waffle do his run, it would be a bit unfair trying to beat it so soon. + I’m not sure how many people are interested in hl speedruns anymore, I for one, would prefer to do a more modern game.


has anyone done a farcry speedrun? there’s a massive game…or f.e.a.r. perhaps?