Swiftrunners Live Speedrun show


I work on Swiftrunners, a live speedrunning show that uses a mini marathon format to put on small 6-10 hour marathons with a set theme. Our main goal is to either showcase games or runners who don’t get the love they deserve in the speed running community, and I feel like highlighting Sourceruns would be a great fit.

The show would probably take place in May, either the second or last saturday of the month. This is mostly just an interest check to see if people who run the games we want to feature would be behind the idea. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for people who would like to sign up and post updates as we figure out if it is going to happen or not.

I Really like the idea of promoting both the games and this site with an episode of our show and I hope you guys do too!


We could probably have a Portal 1 race if there is a room of it, I could do solo coop for the jokes.


I like this idea as well. Yeah, there needs to be confirmations for runners doing games.

For instance,
S./Exec/Anybody does a HL2 SS run: ~3 hours
Zern/Zerocool/Verb/anybody does a Portal 2 SS: ~1.5 to 2 hours.
S and I can do a coop run in like 1 hour max.
Xebaz volunteered for solo coop, ~1 hour? (dunno how long that would take).
A Portal 1 race sounds fun, (depending on who runs in it) it should be ~30 mins.

How would this all work out though? Is it a show, with like a host and stuff? Would we all get stream keys to stream? We all live in different timezones, so what time would the show start? How many viewers does the channel get on average?


We have channels set up that the runner streams on while someone restreams it onto our main channel with logos and info and stuff. We usually aim to start our show around noon EST (4pm GMT), which means we’d shoot to have europeans on first as it would run till past midnight there.

Commentary is generally done by the runners with our hosts filling in while we switch between games . Though for some games we’ve had the hosts in a call with the runners, generally during races. Our goal is for things to be as comfortable as possible for the runners to ensure things go smoothly. We also strive to provide a decent base of knowledge about the games, kind of like the game of the week discussions on an episode of The Sunday Sequence Break.

We usually get around 70+ viewers( our peak as of now is just over 120), but our show is still gaining ground and I imagine it would be reaching a larger audience by then since we’re working on having it more frequent.

I personally love the portal 1 race idea, maybe even a couple of them spread out over the show in like a best of 3 format or something. Really anything you guys would want to run I’d have no problem with. Half-Life has always been a favorite franchise of mine and I really love the way the source engine allows for some crazy tricks that I think are incredibly visually impressive even to people who aren’t entirely familiar with the intended routes.


Oh I’d love to run Half-Life 2. I was practicing for a while so I could get a clean Single-Segment, but I never get a good opportunity to actually do it (no time, no one wants to race etc.).


I think we can get people for all games, including half life 1 and its expansions and portal 1 + 2.

Only game that would be a problem is half life 2 episode one.


[glow=orange,2,300]Half-Life 1 - lolbooi, dabigbooi
Blue Shift - lolbooi
Opposing Force - dabigbooi, lolbooi
Half-Life 2 (Old Engine) - exec, S. (race?)
Half-Life 2: Episode Two - S., Matmo, SullyJHF (race?)


I would love to run the old HL2 engine again, as I was working on a SS speedrun since before the Episode 1 run. Hell, even blamod would be interesting to run, if we could get it at a playable state.


What would your stance towards scripts be? They make a big different in HL2 new engine and HL2ep2, as well as HL1. HL2 old engine/Portal not so much.

I mean SourceRuns does do scripts a lot.


I think scripts would be fine, just as long as they can be explained so that our viewers get an idea of the kinds of things they make possible, and what is done without them. Having two runs for games might be pushing it, maybe if we have something scripted we could have the runner do a particular map afterwords with the unscripted strats.


Right, signing up for half-life 2: episode two (either scripted or scriptless, ETA 1:20:00 or 2:00:00 respectively) and portal 2 coop with Gocnak (1:00:00)

Half-Life 2 old engine scriptless if Jared won’t do it. (2:50:00)

Can also do HL2EP1 new engine scripted if you got time to fill (1:00:00), but I doubt that.


I could possibly sign up for a Black Mesa run, if there’s any interest in that?


Aaand there’s the deal-breaker.


I would love to run Half-Life 1 or hl2 steam version, but I am surely a lot slower than most people here, so I don’t think it would be enjoyable to race against me :confused:


My lack of linguistical skills make me misinterpret this.

Please elaborate.


I don’t really have any desire to run HL2 on the old engine without AHK, so that ‘breaks the deal’, so to say. It’s an English term :stuck_out_tongue:


wait what? we have to run scriptless? :c


you don’t even need scripts except for ladder climb,


Well, I meant

I will do hl2 old engine scriptless if Jared won’t do hl2 any category.

Also, ladderclimbing is pretty easy scriptless, just a tiny bit slower.


Ladderclimbing shouldn’t even be possible without scripts, since the glitch is due to AHK’s weird interaction with Ctrl (crouch), space spam, and letters.