As some of you may be aware, Valve is updating their older games to Steampipe. It’s likely that we will be fucked over by this update, so do we have any ‘safety-nets’ if things go tits up?


Wait, what’s SteamPipe?


Pretty much their new content format (Replacing GCF files, and a new structure for the game folder format) -

I’ll look into making a standalone version of the game in its current state so that if things do break we can start using that.


Doesn’t matter, we need safety nets


Just so you guys know, the Steampipe also might fuck up your mods. It has already happened to people.
Start backing the shit up!


I have am making a full copy of my entire Steam folder, TF2 has been converted but nothing else, if you need an pre-steampipe version of a Source game let me know and I can work on making a standalone.


looool, people still using steam?


Why are you copying everything. isn’t Source mods the only ones affected?


Yeah, I can clear out the not-Source-related files, but you need a handful of files from odd directoried to build a standalone and I wanted to make sure that I had them all.


The HL2 Steampipe beta is now available and the old demos do work with it, so that is one less thing to worry about \o/


It’s still in Beta, maybe the actual version will break stuff. Plus, do they play properly? I was able to play on-release demos in current Portal 2 and they didn’t look good.


I don’t expect the engine to change between beta and actual release. I’ll watch through more of them and see if anything is broken.


I watched everything since 078 yesterday I think. Except for lag which I attribute to the shitty fglrx drivers by AMD the only issue I noticed was that objects you were holding behaved very strangely. Seemed like objects were attached to a thread hanging from a stick you’re carrying :> Other than that every demo played fine.


I just watched from 107 onwards and didn’t see that, will try go back to 078 and see what they are like from there.


HL2 just updated, demos are all broken.

Version 5311.

Working on building a standalone copy of the old version.

We have released a Beta update for Half-Life 2 and associated games. Changes in this update are:

Fixed vehicle velocity note being saved in save games. New saves made after this change will now correctly restore vehicle speed



RIP 022-030


Well since our old demos don’t work on SteamPipe anyways the mentality is more like “RIP the whole run”.


HL2DQ’s demos dont play but that run aint dead?