Speedrun.com/hl2 Help

Hi all!

So I have been using the Source Pause Tool for the autojump command because that works way better than my scroll wheel. I just want clarification on whether or not that is allowed for runs and such. I am working on speedrunning HL2, and just want to know if I’m wasting my time right now.


Hello. There are various categories in HL2. If you speedrunning HL2 on New Engine then it is not allowed anyway in runs, because New Engine only Scriptless, if you speedrunning HL2 on Old Engine, that is two categories there: Scriptless and Scripted, in Scripted category allowed autojump
If you so want speedrunning with autojump just: 1. Download HL2 and Source SDK Base 2006 in Steam. 2. Download HL2 Old Engine v4044 on this thread Source Unpack 2.3 . 3. Put folder “hl2oe” in steamapps/sourcemods . 4. Restart Steam 5. Download SourcePauseTool https://github.com/YaLTeR/SourcePauseTool/releases . 6. You will need to place spt-oe.dll into the topmost bin directory (the one with a lot of different DLL files including engine.dll , not the one with client.dll and server.dll ).

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Thanks, got it working, but now I have another issue. I can’t seem to gain speed while I ABH on the old engine sourcemod. I did pud spt-oe in a few different file places, would that be the issue? The game runs fine, it’s just weird that I can’t ABH. Thanks again!

Old Engine does NOT have ABH, it only has bunnyhopping.
If you want to practice ABH, download Ghosting mod or Source Unpack.