SourceRuns Winter Contest 2015 is now over!


the prestrafe technique is different. c:


sv_accelerate and maxspeed are lower in CS1.6, other than that I believe nothing’s different about prestrafing.


don’t know how to explain, i’m too bad at lj :c

EDIT:how much sv_accelerate in cs1.6 and half-life? sry for my bad english


CS1.6: 5; HL1: 10.


valve_won or normal valve?


Does not matter. Just use 99.5 fps.


is this a bug in the map? after doing the 391 unit jump, i got teleported to the 382 unit jump without noticing it, i submitted 39x jump demos while they are 38x, sry about that, my pb is 391 atm


There’s a teleport glitch for 392 or 391 I think.


half life is so hard to play :’(


Added a save file from which you must start your Mountain Caves run.

Apparently loading the map through “map mountaincaves” command gives you some unfair advantage depending on your game settings.


at kz_desolate3 , do i need to press the start button before running? or does the timer start when i load the map?


You need to press the button.


More about the upcoming mini contest: It will only be one round that will last 7 days, so there won’t be any points system, just winners.

Since the “one round” will have longer maps (or mods? :))), the winning run will be uploaded onto the SourceRuns channel in a separate video. Also, the prizes will be a bit different, and probably only for the 1st places.


Sounds cool, when will it start?


let’s hope for Old Engine :3 or even better : Portal <3