SourceRuns Winter Contest 2015 is now over!


ya know jukspa, that’s enough to make someone give up lol. you dun good. I never would have even thought to quantum crouch the button.


I took it from Yalter’s segmented run of this map, my current time is about 4 seconds slower than this


damn, missed the rule saying you’re not allowed to be on top of the bridge D: Here’s what the route would have been if it was allowed anyways :< Invalid route:


So there is a LOT of time i can save. However, this is where i’m sitting now.

I have a couple things i messed up on. and I have a different strat I want to try somewhere. Ultimately I think i can get caught up to jukspa.


Only 6 demos submitted for GoldSrc and 5 for Source contest so far. Don’t forget that you still get 3 points for submitting a demo, no matter the time, so you might still have a chance on later rounds/maps (which probably won’t be as hard).


I’ve spent a total of like 6 hours grinding. Even if it’s irritating it’s been fun. I actually hope the rest are as hard.

A: Can we have confirmation on what games the next 2 stages will be on?
B: Do we know when this section specifically will close for entering segments?


Hey just submitted a demo and i have a few questions.
How do you time the demo and what unit of measurement are we supposed to use (seconds, ticks, hours).
Also is there any way of making sure that your submission went through


If it said “your response was recorded” it went through, and yes, it did go through. The demo will be timed from the moment you start the demo to the moment you reach the level trigger back to 07, minutes, seconds or ticks will do fine.


It will be Half-Life 2 for the entire contest, the reason for this is that not everyone here runs Portal and knows the tricks.

The submission form will remain the same, but it will be updated once the new round starts (currently December 11, 19:00 CET).


well thats disappointing. None the less I look forward to it.


How the heck did Elgu get under 40 seconds ?




classic Elgu


that moment when you dont have the episodes.

looks like im bugging my entire friend list for a family share.

ALSO the episodic unpack links are down.


I know that feel. Looks like im gonna have to stand out for this one :frowning:


So on ag_longjumps2, is count jumping and bhop allowed? Or a longjump by cs 1.6 definition? Want to know so I don’t have to experiment with weird movement stuff :>

Edit: Ok, I guess only one +jump and one +duck allowed since I just did 400 with bhops.


What the heck. I swear I send in my 38,04.


Oh oops! Was looking at the leaderboard which wasn’t updated when making the post. Fixed.


don’t understand the lj technique in hl D: completely different with cs1.6.


Shouldn’t be different, just faster.