SourceRuns Winter Contest 2015 is now over!


The SourceRuns Winter contest 2015 is now over!

Bloodvez wins the last GoldSrc round by beating bunnyrace_beta2 in 20.919s!
Muad’Dib wins the last Source round by beating d1_canals_07 in 19.155s!

Now about the contest itself…

CRASH FORT and Elgu take the crown by collecting the most points throughout the entire contest! Congratulations!

Runners up: sadf and Jukspa, taking the second places!

The third place gets taken by .executλble and BitRain!

Detailed leaderoards:
GoldSrc leaderboards
Source leaderboards

Winnings (out of money prize pool):

1st places: $40
2nd places: $20
3rd places: $10

Again, congratulations to all the winners and to everyone who participated, as well as people who have contributed to the prize pool!

We hope you enjoyed this contest, we’re looking forward to do more of these in the future!

In fact, we’re doing a mini contest (one round) in just a couple of days, right after the holidays, so stay tuned for that! For now, more info on that can be found in this post.

Happy holidays!


Oh cool, I will chip in once I have some money.
Also why don’t we use the site’s built-in vote feature?


Chipped in $25 already as part of the starting $100; looking forward to this a lot 8)


If the entire mod is picked up, that would be great to do it as a 3 runners based team (or less ^^) !


Put in $15. Can’t wait for this one to start.


I didnt know this was a thing. now i’m hype for it. crosses fingers for a portal segment

Still hype.


Always want to try jump/surf in half life, but never know how to setup my half life.


Since the contest is said to start today, are there any signups or is everybody free to just participate and submit times?


I am much to impatient to wait for this. I’ve been checking this thread every hour since midnight.


You don’t sleep a lot, do you?


Everyone is free to participate by submitting the demos once the contest starts (today at 19:00 CET (7pm))


i’m still waiting.


me too :confused: exec is bad at the video game :confused:


Almost done now, just finishing up a couple of things with the maps, expect an update on the first post really soon!


[s]Isn’t it past 19:00?

I’m on Pacific time so I may be off. But I think 1900 should be 1000 here.[/s]



It’s live! See the first post.


Also, It would be a good idea to submit a save along side your demo for extra verification.


So is c1a0cam supposed to softlock after “Look’s like you’re in the barrel today” because barney is not moving. Not sure if this is the end of the map or what.

Edit: Nevermind that was just a low FPS issue. Fixed it.


[s]after trying to rout coast 08 quite a bit ive come to the conclusion that its one of the most difficult maps ive ever routed. and I routed my entire oob portal run from start to finish. the lack of solid ground, and inability to just swim across or climb to the roof makes this really quite difficult.

And i also fear I’m too much of a perfectionist.[/s]

A rout has been discovered. But its hard as fuck. I’m going to be here a while

is the use of quicksave and quick load allowed or must it be single segment? I can get it down to 2 segments. but i just cant manage to do it without throwing myself over at least once.


Runs have to be single segment(mentioned in the post) so quick save/load isn’t allowed.

Here’s roughly the route that I came up with for coast_08(I got a faster run with a slightly different route afterwards)