SourceRuns Marathon


Just a heads up, we’re now aiming for July 20th-onwards.


When will the marathon start (I mean what time) ? because I’m only available in the evening the 20th.


An update announcement has been posted, read the first post of this thread.


Hi boys, sign up for this year’s marathon here: :>


Shit, I forgot there is this. I hope this will become a yearly event.
Good luck to every runners of the marathon


Hey there! I hope this is the right place to write in a bit. Derpduck from the L4D2 speedrunning community pointed me here, I did hear about this event from last year but hadn’t checked it out, cool to see it is happening again!

I am fresh off of getting the records in L4D2, both in solo and with my partner in all of the co-op categories on We had attended AGDQ this year running Alien Swarm (we might submit that too?) and watched that team run L4D2 at the event, which inspired us to pick the game up ourselves. Months of practice and a ton more tricks and pathing tweaks later we’ve improved upon that marathon time by 14 minutes so this would be a great place to show all of that in a live run.

A question, when submitting for co-op, how is that handled? Would we be submitting separately into the same game and Main Campaigns Co-op category and you guys will pick that up to combine it, or does anything else special need to happen?


Doesn’t really matter. We will handle that just submit it the way you want. (I’m really happy we have l4d2 runners :smiley: )


Alright, thanks for the reply! Just submitted, he didn’t want to give out his info so I did one submission and under usernames put both of ours as The Master & mr.deagle, along with some hopefully not too specific availability to dance around crunchtime at his work currently. I submitted both L4D2 and Alien Swarm. I spoke to Onin who said he submitted Alien Swarm solo already? This I hadn’t covered with him, but if you want to show off both solo and co-op runs that could be cool, since co-op does have a bunch of moments where players can split up nicely, otherwise I guess it will be up to you guys if you want to keep just one run.

Look forward to participating! No idea how the restreaming and stuff works but I’m guessing that info will come before the event.


How about a new thread, to avoid confusion?