SourceRuns Marathon


How do you submit games

I thought Znernicus & PerOculos is running Portal 2 SP?



Once I posted earlier I actually found arianons sub 5 They Hunger run lol. But that is cool someone submitted all three lol!


Both questions are answered in the original post:

That list is not the submissions list, it is just a list of suggestions for who we know run certain games, so none of those are confirmed.


Why no quadrazid? :frowning:


I don’t think quad speedruns anything anymore these days :frowning:

Would be cool to have him, though nudge nudge


Do we have a schedule yet for SR Marathon ?
Also, will anyone do the TAS-SPT showcase ?


I think for the tas part we’re gonna showcase renders. Both Source and GoldSrc, we’ll pick something.


I would quite enjoy a mass portal race, so i’m on board with it.


According to Laffer curve, there is a french famous idiom that says “Too much tax kill the tax”.
According to that french idiom, “Too much Portal races kill the races”
According to the leaderboards, around 250+ person run (more or less “speedrunning”) Portal.
If we allow everyone to race, then I can bring a loooooooooot of french people who does 30 minutes Inbounds by try harding.
Thus, I would be really enthusiastic to watch NoirCat, Jukspa, BiiWix & Fnzzy playing live and the reason why I don’t want to watch the guy who called Guiness World Record Book for his 34 minutes run .
Finally, I want to add that’s my opinion and my opinion only, but you can’t do a mass race for that kind of event.
Maybe multiple Portal races with different levels and stuffs, I don’t know, ask Exe.


I think Portal races are pretty bad in general since the game is pretty short and if it’s a race the commentary is going to be more about the race than the tricks used and you’re already short on time to explain things. So if you haven’t seen Portal runs before you have no idea what’s happening. In any game races can be fun if you’re playing, but they are pretty bad to watch. Usually one guy gets the lead early and then you just watch the guy who’s in the lead on a smaller screen. Of course there’s some exceptions, but for every exciting race there’s dozens of really boring ones.

A mass race would be just a joke since if there’s more than 4 people playing you actually can’t see anything.

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I agree


Actually, it’s 45 minutes. Also, why is that on It’s more a playthrough than a speedrun.


Better question is why is it under “OoB” when it’s literally “without any type of trick or glich since from my point of view it costs more the skill”


aka not worth watching


I’ve got another Valve-developed Source game for your collection: Alien Swarm. :slight_smile:

Also someone should throw in a Dota2 speedrun. ;D


Feel free to sign up here :


I already did, for AS at least. :slight_smile:


Hopefully I can run it well enough to be somewhat comparable to the segmented runs! :wink:


Hey guys, we’ve received many submissions for the marathon, right now we’re thinking when to actually do the event. Looks like it’s going to last for around 2 days (or maybe even just over it) with the submissions we’ve got.

It seems that most of you are available from July 10th (Friday) to July 11th (Saturday), so it looks like the best time for it. If that works for everyone, then we’ll start building the schedule based on everyone’s availability and timezones (we will contact the people who submitted games).

There’s another very important thing - restreamers.
We need people who would be able to stream the marathon (and restream the runner’s private streams) during this time. It would be best to have people both from EU and USA since the marathon will most likely be going 24/7 so when EU goes to sleep, USA can take over.

Requirements: long availability times, fast & stable internet connection, good computer hardware for livestreaming at decent quality.

If you’re interested, make a post here or contact me, Gocnak, YaLTeR, or PJC in a PM or some other way.


i submitted my blue shift run but i don’t see my name on the list
i would submit a portal 2 coop run with Delt0s too :stuck_out_tongue: