SourceRuns Marathon

Update: Jul 22, The SourceRuns Marathon is now over! Thanks to all the runners and to everyone who watched the marathon, it was a really great experience! A list with all the speedrun videos done during the marathon can be found here.


Hello everyone!

After some silence, we finally have more news on the GoldSRC/Source speedrunning marathon that we announced earlier on June.

We’ve finally finished taking submissions and planning the schedule for the event!
The SourceRuns Marathon will take place on July 20th, starting at 3:00PM UTC and will be running till July 21st!

Huge thanks to all the runners who submitted the games for the event.

The marathon’s schedule can be found here:
Some minor changes are possible in case a runner isn’t available or we’re ahead of the schedule and need some filler content.

The whole marathon will be streamed on the SourceRuns Twitch channel. So if you would like, you can follow that for updates!

Stay tuned!

Some things we need to discuss:

  • Re-streamers
  • Times that people are available
  • Exact date of the Marathon
  • Races? (multiple people wanting the same game)

I’ll be updating these two posts with more information as we get it.

A Portal inbounds race would be pretty dank because everyone and their mom runs it.

16 way portal inbounds race, so that people understand even less of whats going on! \o/

Please please please please please please please please please please please please please, no Portal races.

Let’s have everyone race LSD%

neato. +1 for LSD%

what does and doesn’t count as mod? just stuff that half-life/portal -esque or just things that are made with the soruce engine?

I think the intention was/is to be open to any (Gold)Source game/mod. There are quite a few lesser known games out there that could do with some exposure and would also fill in extra time if the HL/Portal series don’t cover the whole thing (which I doubt they will).

How about TAS-bot (well SPT bot) demonstrations ?
I think that would be interesting too.

TAS Block featuring YaLTeR on the Half-Life Full Game TAS

i have a dream

Perhaps YaLTeR or some other TASer could prepare something to showcase?

I think I could do something for that showcase, but I would need to know if the TAS-SPT showcase is confirmed.

After discussing a lot with other SourceRunners,
I would like to know who could join a TAS/SPT stream or even lead it, during the SourceRuns Marathon.
And who could provide more **TAS/SPT movies **in order to show it during the SourceRuns ?
Things to do during the TAS/SPT stream ideas, given by different SourceRunners :

[ul][li]Show done TAS and SPT movies[/li]
[li]Explain how current tools works[/li]
[li]Use pre-made scripts to explain how things works
[li]TASing race[/li]

[spoiler]On my own, I will not be able to join a TAS/SPT stream but I could provide 1/2 more SPT movies (+ the ones I already did) until the TAS stream thing.[/spoiler]

I’m on board with this^ When we founded SourceRuns, we wanted the use of scripts and other tools to be accepted and not scrutinized. I am still for this, and would like to join the TAS SPT stream if there’s enough support for one.

Do you have any done TAS/SPT work done yet ?

I personally think that live TASing is boring.

Perhaps a live explanation of an existing TAS would be more fast paced than the inial trial and error. Personally I’d love to get an insight into how BXT scripting and such works because I have no idea where to start currently.

I’d love to take part in this. I run Portal glitchless and Portal 2 singleplayer with glitches.

Sadly, I’m not even close to a world record, but I’d still love to take part in this.

Add They Hunger part 1 to the Goldsrc list!! Quad done that awesome 5 min run. Saw someone talking about doing a sub 4 one as well, reckon that’s quite do-able. (not by me lmao but someone good)

^^ Agreed.

Neither Portal (Glitchless) or Portal 2 SP have been submitted yet, so why not submit them? I presume we’ll usually pick the best players who’ve submitted from each game but the more submissions the better, especially if nobody submits those games/categories.

LynnWicked submitted They Hunger Episodes 1-3.