SourceRuns boat project


OK, let’s get started. SourceRuns boat project.

I and my friend have decided to make a boat of flywood with the SourceRuns theme. We are going to use a boat building method called “Stitch and glue”.

This method requiers no carcass and even a lot of spanthouts to seal boards, the transom and the bottom.

Firstly, we’ve made a big 1:1 scaled draft with different parts of the boat.


(the lines can be seen hardly)

There are some parts of the boat which will be copied on flywood panels and then cut.

After that - starting building! Sliced panels, bars and planks; epoxy resin and fumed silica (yes lol); glass fiber + 4 hands = boat almost done.

The last part gonna be pressurization and painting the whole boat into black-orange SourceRuns theme.


Max size - 110 x 230cm
Board height - 60cm (62.11)
Mass - 20-50 kg (unknown exaclty).
Crew - 2 + 1.
Max waterline height - about 40cm (unknown exactly).
Deadweight - about 500 kg (will be known exactly when I find out max waterline height OpieOP).

[sup]1[/sup] - they will be refined soon

In addition, we are going to make a mast and a tiller with a simple steering system; two “trunks” to store things.

Every day when we do our project, we record videos and take photos to make timelapse/image montage video at the end. In the video all days’ progress will be explained. Here in this topic I will post some images showing what we have done.

Starting from this point, the project is probably going to take about a month.

Feel free to ask any questions in this topic. If some words here are unclear, ask me too.


Uhm, wow.


Oh, my god, this is so cool! Can’t wait to see the finished product!


Wooah. This is really awesome. Can’t wait to see that time elapse.


Update! We have started buying materials. Plywood, bars and glass fiber are already bought.


We have finished buying basic stuff, tomorrow we will start building!


Awesome :slight_smile:


Can we see the blueprints? :slight_smile:
Amazing idea tbh.


The blueprints were drew right away on the paper, there is no minimized copies or computer graphics. You can hardly see it on photos though.


BIG UPDATE! On 27th and 28th of May, we started building! We copied the blueprints on the plywood and have cut some pieces of the boat: the bottom, middle-shaphout and two boards (for now they are collapsed).

All videos and photos from those two days are over 25 GB in total!



Updated size: 2500 mm x 1100 mm


Early July.


Another 2-day update (8th and 9th).

We cleared the outside of the bottom; made 3 more shpanhouts (frames) (7 in total); made the big (one on the back) frame to be as an entry to the “trunk”; glued the big (back) frame and one middle frame.


What is the trapdoor for?


It’s an entry to the “trunk”


1-day upd:

  • Added a latch and limiter to the trapdoor
  • Polished and increased mast frames (they will hold the mast)
  • Made fortification for the mast out of the plank (with d=50 circle hole)
  • Glued 2 more frames (second middle & front ones) and the mast fortification

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of the full boat with new frames glued, as I did on last update.


2-day update.

  • cut top covers for the back trunk and front air space
  • made the middle seat place and a shelf for the trunk
  • created and screwed two transversal balks to hold the seat places
  • glued the middle-seat, a trunk shelf, top front cover, the front-seat frame, two mast frames

A frame (I used to call it shpanthout) is

Our boat has 7 frames:

  1. The back frame (one with trapdoor)
  2. Middle frame #1
  3. Middle frame #2
  4. Mast frame #1
  5. Mast frame #2
  6. Front-seat frame
  7. Front frame


glued some more stuff


made the keel