SourceRuns boat project


2 days (15 & 16)

  • made the steering system
  • rounded the mast
  • glued the boom (aka geek) with the mast
  • bent the 1st gunwhale
  • small changes on the deck

(the face of my friend Misha is hidden, cause idk if he objects or not)


we did a lot of stuff actually, but there is only photos of gunwhale

we had to do gunwhale by cutting part of it, becoz bending didnt turn out really good


the boat should be ready on saturday


boat is all done except we need to paint it in 2 layers and make a sail

last 2 days of working we screw all fasteners, dealed with oars and treated with linseed oil


today we painted the whole boat, only 1 part is left: making the sourceruns logo and doing 2nd layer in certain places

this is ugly tho


finished the boat, sourceruns logo is TERRIBLE, if we wanna do better, need to order a sticker, it is possible tho

need to make a sail

water is on tuesday or friday


It looks awesome, good job! :fire: :fire: :100: :100: :ok: :ok: 8)


LOL that looks pretty neat fam :ok:


As a former sailor I can say that the keel you made won’t cut it if you actually plan to sail cross-/upwind. With that you’ll just end up going sideways. Might want to look into that before you go sailing. :slight_smile:


We finally got it in the water and realized some things out there:

  • Steering system (or hows it called) works fine and is very convenient for our boat. Holds tightly.
  • One pair of rubber oarlocks came off immediately because the glue we used sucks balls.
  • The mast will never break the mast frames (like a lever), and we don’t need any extra retention for it.
  • The biggest error that we unfortunately can’t fix: the boat is VERY VERY unstable, any slight advantage will tilt, so we need to balance all the time. We don’t should or shouldn’t it be like that, and we don’t know how we can deal with it, even if there is way, I think it’s better to just build a new one and throw this one into garbage.
  • About sailing and keel: we didn’t notice a trouble sailing: it gives us almost no speed and doesnt disturb. But there is a difference, we are sure. I can’t really say much about that: does it work ot not.

Okay, so there are quite a few things we need to do such as fix the oarlocks, make an anchor, buy rubber mats under the feet and so on.

Well, the final result is bad to be honest, I am expecting a lot of professionals making facepalm then they see how many building mistakes we made. We wasn’t in touch with sailing/shipbuilding at all, and this is our first and last project. Now we are gonna finish it fully, make a video and then hang out and wonder then it is gonna break, sink and explode by terrorists, be ripped by a godzila.

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It’s finally done! :ok: Very great work shar! It’s amazing boat!


have started to make a video, it is going to be around 15-20 minutes


its been a while since last update. The building boat part of the video is done, only the part where we get it into the water is left. Today we have done an upgrade for it. We updgraded the keel, now it makes much more sense. Soon we will curve it at the front part and paint it.


Building montage is done.
The video where we get the boat into the water and test it will come later.


Awesome job!