Source Challenges Thread! [GAME]


Why should only the GoldSrc people have fun? Challenges for everyone! I think we should also include Episode 1 and 2 maybe? Anyway, here is my challenge, something simple for the start.

  • map d2_coast_05

  • start at the bottom part of the street behind the pink/purple paper on the ground (can see it in the video, first sec.)

  • use ABH to launch off the hill thingy

  • land on the opposite side at the house

  • bonus points if you survive


Challenge beat

new challenge:


  • Start from the entrance to the tunnel on d2_coast_01
  • ASH/AFH or abh into the slope at then end of the road
  • land and survive. Anywhere on the pier (is it pier or dock ?) that you start the map on

Also we are not using any scripts right ?


map: d2_coast_04
stucklaunch on the red car to the ledge under the bridge:

edit: I did the stucklaunch first try on accident because im literally hacking, so I didn’t realize that it was actually the most cancerous thing anyone has ever done.
This is a not stupid challenge:



New Challenge:

  • d2_coast_03
  • go into the cart thingy and stand on a barrell
  • blow yourself up with an SMG nade and land in the tree
  • bonus points if you eagerly tweet like a bird


I did kittenz challenge but im so slow that you beat me to it fnzzy :smiley:
anyways here are both challenges beaten and a new one:


  • start from the roadblock towards the end of the map
  • launch of the rock that i do
  • land on the roof of that tower without falling of or touching anything else and dont die

have fun with this one boys :slight_smile:


ez pz.
Proof and next challenge:

Rules n shit:
-Start around the same spot where I start
-Launch up to that tower from the same spot
-Bonus points if you manage to get on top of the monument instead


beaten to the ground.

New challenge:

  • d2_coast_05
  • start at the yellow car
  • jump down the street and somehow make the gap over to the other side without the help of slopes.


Beat me to elgu’s challenge, so thats in there too.Well, I got over the gap… somehow.

-Get the slopebug after the road starts turning, so anywhere after the blue line


Beaten + new challenge.


Beaten and new challenge.

-Start from
-Launch up at
-Fly in any of the windows.


Beaten and new challenge.

-map = d2_coast_07
-challenge = Land in the tree from a boost off the rock.
-rules = Speed from previous map allowed, Must survive.


Jesus christ im slow at making these videos :smiley:
anyway here is both ninjas and totens challenges beaten and a new one:

map d2_coast_01

  • start from somewhere around the door
  • launch from wherever you want and land on the top of the pole. You have to survive

Bonus points if you make the movement look good (mine looked like shit :D)


Beaten and new challenge.

-map = d2_coast_01
-challenge = Using a boost, get from the tunnel to the ladder and take no fall damage.
-rules = No fall damage taken, Cannot touch the old seabed floor.

After re-watching the other challenges, i realised my video production values were very low, I apologise for the lack of music, I assure you in the next challenge I do i will add some high end music.

Yours Sincerly


Challenge beaten

new challenge:

map d1_canals_02

  • start from inside the tunnel
  • launch up to that wall from wherever you want


We did it reddit!

jagardinpappas challenge:

new challenge:

coast 07
-start in the tunnel
-get on the bridge without stopping as direct as possible (without going left might’ve been too specific… same idea though)
-bonus points if survive or even get to the end of the map ;p (not really part of the challenge i guess)


Here’s another challenge:

-map = d1_trainstation_02.
-description = Try to get behind the fence.
-rules = No prop climbing, flying.

Will beat another challenge soon


Please let’s keep it to the original concept. Only submitting a new challenge when you beat the old one. Otherwise sooner or later this thread is flooded with challenges that nobody does.


Ok sorry I didn’t realise :frowning:


Xeiz plz…

New challenge:

map d1_canals_12

  • Start from somewhere around where i did
  • Launch out of the tunnel and land next to that red container
  • Bonus points if you survive.


plz right back ;p :

new challenge: (whoops somehow its cut off, i died)

-start in the cave or around where i did
-in one go without stopping
-do whatever you like
-get at least to where i landed or higher
-bonus points for not dying (lots of places to slope bug there!)

edit: i actually beat littlesackninjas challenge and gave him a link, i wont post it here for now since it was out of order, was actually fun figuring it out.