Source Challenges Thread! [GAME]


Challenge beaten (god i have to much time on my hands)

New challenge:

map d2_coast_04

  • Start from the normal start of the map
  • Launch your self up on that water tower and survive
  • Bonus points if you dont get fucking violated by an ant-lion


Challenge beaten!
Proof and new challenge (+ bonus challenges):

map d2_coast_05

  • You may begin in the previous map like I did
  • Launch of whatever you want around where I launched
  • Land on the guard. Bonus points if you somehow survive to tea bag him


Challenge beaten!
New challenge:
Old challenge:
Bonus challenge:
Bonus challenge 2:

Map d2_coast_03? I think the recent update renamed it to coast_03? (Or I’m dumb)
-You can launch from wherever you want
-No damage must be taken landing on the PLATFORM
-Bonus points if you don’t get screwed by antlions


littlesackninja’s beaten

New challenge: and abh into the tunnel


Done backwards :wink:


Challenge beat:
New Challenge:

Map d2_coast_07
-You can do it on any coast map
-Must not be on stairs
-No damage can be taken


Wait, what is the challenge? Just edgebug somewhere?


Yup, just not on stairs cause thats ez


littlesackninja’s beaten and new challenge here:

Sorry about the video glitches, but you get what it is and i’m too lazy to reupload


Video is set to private :frowning:


should be fixed now


Is the challenge to prop fly over to the other side? Also sick graphics.


Internet got raped during upload, sorry.

And the challenge is propfly, ABH and throw it and do it fast

like a speedrunner


map: d2_coast_10
jump off the lighthouse
land in the tree
don’t take any damage

Also I don’t think you’re allowed to segment, Manint.


Here’s a challenge. Find a (legal) skip for every cutscenes in the game. The winner gets 100 USD.


No, really. Find them.


new engine or old?


Old challenge:
New challenge:

-map = d2_coast_10
-description = land on the lighthouse
-rules = You can start anywhere, including the previous map, You can boost up there anyway, Land on the tip.


Good luck with eli_01 on either.


Rama, you know you’re probably the person who will find that.