Sin episodes Emergence?


Has anyone played it? Source engine, HL2 style bunnyhopping, no flying but you can get some height/random boosts by jumping on an item.

This game imo has potential to be speedran, there’s a youtube run that sucks, only thing I’ve found on this game.


I’ve been interested in this game ever since it was released, but I’ve never played it. I just purchased it but will play it normally at first but keep my eyes open for sequence breaks, short-cuts and other things that might be helpful.

I will be following this thread if anybody will be running this game however :slight_smile:


That’s the run, easily improvable.

Dale, it’s a fun game, and at the first time everything should be played like that.

AHK and turn an object downwards sometimes makes you gain height, like flying in HL2 but you just kinda float on the object, sometimes gaining extra height, it’s definitely good for breaking sequences.


Oh, it IS a fun game! The level design might be lacking at times, but there are boobies, a REALLY powerful pistol with a brutal head-shot, enemies with jet-packs, some weird injection into your body and overall it seems to be a pretty entertaining game. It kind of reminds of Gunman Chronicles in that sense - it’s an ugly but entertaining game.

A speedrun for this game would be interesting for sure! I’ll have to fix AHK and a working bhop script and then I’ll finish the game some day. I already have some ideas but I need to check invisible barriers and such and also have a look at that old speedrun. Good fun! :slight_smile:


Yeah that does look like it could be ran. Sadly I don’t have the time to donate to a project like this at the moment. Seriously at Uni the networks going to be so choked basically all I’ll be doing is single player games. Hopefully I’ll get around to doing this one.


I finished it today. Took me about 3 hours but that was with some preliminary speedrun testing as well. It’s a fun game, I still think it’s like Gunman Chronicles in that sense that it’s not a great game design wise but it’s still fun to play.

It seems that the demo function is broken in this game. If you’re recording a demo and enter a level-change trigger, then the demo that usually is created (xxx_2) is instead getting the same name as the original demo. The results is that you lose the recording from the level that was the main level. This sucks.


Did you manage to skip the crane-ride? I never tried it before ride but just getting over a fence there is easy unless it’s blocked by invisible walls before the ride.


I have found some major skips already, but what crane-ride do you mean? I really can’t remember a crane-ride.


I don’t remember level names so I’ll just try to describe it somehow (likely badly), you are supposed to take a ride in a cargo box operated by your female friend over some water(?) and a fence to a yard filled with train carts and railroad tracks while being attacked by jet-pack guys. Hopefully that makes any sence, I really can’t describe it any better…

Have you tried btw if teleporting npcs works?


Yeah that’s one of the skips I’ve found. You do a “dalejump” (old-school HL2 trick): Hold the barrel/garbage can, jump forward and gain speed, throw it downwards or just look down with the barrel. This gives you quite a lot of height and I’ve found a couple of big sequence-breaks with this trick.

I would do a phase 1 run, but the demo recording makes it a lot more complicated.

If anybody wants to watch some Phase1 tricks/shortcuts then I’ll upload my demos.


That’s how I went over the fence too :slight_smile: I can easily imagine this trick cutting some serious time in this game.

Just throw the demos in dropbox, I’d be glad to watch them :slight_smile:


I’m way too tierd to check all saved demos so I’ll just upload all of them (it’s just 12 demos). Some are useless tricks and/or bugs but I have to sleep soon so you’ll get them as well :stuck_out_tongue:

They have been uploaded to dropbox now.


Nice ones, makes me feel like playing the game again to look for more :slight_smile:

Too bad there’s the recording issue, my comp definitely couldn’t handle fraps for an alternate method.


I wonder if there is some way to fix the recording bug. Perhaps if you start a new recording during the load-screen, then it will start that recording and not overwrite the first demo?

Or maybe you could make every demo write-protected somehow, making it impossible for the game to overwrite it?

Or having some elaborate recording-script that starts a new recording when the first one is finished?

Or maybe it’s easy to fix this bug with some cfg-modification?

How the fuck could they fuck up the demo-function this bad?!


I can’t think of any answers on how to fix it, browsed through Rituals tech support forum but didn’t find anything about this issue. Some cfg-modification might be in place and I’m not very good at that :confused:

Added a demo, tried something which didn’t work out in the end.


I wonder if these would be any good:

bind v "pause1;load seg3" // Loads your save paused
bind e "pause1;wait;stop" // Pause the game, stops demo. Make save manually

alias pause1 "host_framerate 0.00000001;sensitivity 0;bind mouse2 pause0"
alias pause0 "demorecord;wait;host_framerate 0;sensitivity 2.5;bind mouse2 +attack" //SENS

//demo record
alias dem1 "record demo1;motd_write Recording demo1;motd;echo Recording demo1;alias demorecord dem2"
alias dem2 "record demo2;motd_write Recording demo2;motd;echo Recording demo2;alias demorecord dem3"
alias dem3 "record demo3;motd_write Recording demo3;motd;echo Recording demo3;alias demorecord dem1"
alias demorecord dem1

Source: Quadrazid from Gunman chronicles topic.

And does autorecording start overwriting previous lvl demo if game is instapaused?

Might try to test these later today.


can’t think of any answers on how to fix it, browsed through Rituals tech support forum but didn’t find anything about this issue. Some cfg-modification might be in place and I’m not very good at that :confused:

Added a demo, tried something which didn’t work out in the end.

I guess you added the “interesting but useless” demo? I got an idea from that demo, and after a lot of attempts I managed to jump over the fence (and the invisible wall) to skip the conversation that the guy has at the forcefield. You need to pick up the garbage-can (takes a couple of seconds) but the talk is around 25 seconds so this sequence-break definitely saves time. The demo is called “Demo_save13”.


I just uploaded a new demo called “Demo_save14” which shows a shortcut that should save about 5 seconds. But as you can see in the demo, it takes about 87 in health to make that jump.

“Demo_save15” uploaded: A special route that probably is faster than jumping down and climbing up the ladder. I think it might be possible to go over the white pipe as you go towards the door which would be really straight forward and fast, instead of going over it at the turn like I did.

Demo-bug fix: You can start a new demo while the next map is loading and it will start recording that demo instead. This means that you need to start a new recording during the load-screen but it seems to work at least. When the level has loaded you just press your “end demo/create save” bind and make sure to save both demos - basically we’re creating the “demoname_2” demo manually.


Yeah I made that demo, wanted to see if getaway car would be there but as predicted, no luck.

Demo_save13: I went over that fence too with a gas cylinder but died from fall damage, I had no idea the dialog was so long, probably missed part of it while messing around, good to know there’s a nice timesaver.

Demo_save14: I’m pretty sure that can be done without explosion boost, I need to try it when I get there.

Demo_save15: Very nice :slight_smile:

I was messing around docks going oob everywhere I could think of, found nothing useful unfortunately.


I’ve uploaded a new demo (Demo_save16) that shows a faster route than the demo called “Demo_save6”. Apparently you can jump from the platform directly to the closing gate with a couple of well timed strafejumps. And it looks cool :wink:

Demo_save14: The reason why I used an explosion boost is because those barrels can’t be used to dale-jump with. They don’t interact with the players body at all. Also there are NO objects that can be used to jump with. It might be possible to keep the garbage-can from map before… but since you only gain ~5 seconds on this shortcut, it would be really hard to gain time by carrying the garbage-can.

Demo_save15: I’m not sure that the route used in this demo is faster. I’ve tried timing this route as well as the ordinary “ladder-route” and they are quite close to eachother. I still think that it’s possible to get a run on those pipes that are faster, but I haven’t manged to do it. Ladder-route is ~9seconds quite optimized and pipe-route is ~11 but FAR from optimized. This might be more of an Phase2 problem though.


Added a nice skip, no surprise it’s over a fence again, skips the lighthouse, swimming etc completely.

Edit: Demo_save14: you’re likely absolutely right but I’m going to try something anyway when I get there, I’m stubborn like that occasionally :stuck_out_tongue:

Demo_save15: Yup, phase 2 problem.

Demo_save16: It does look cool 8)