Sims speedrun?


I’m thinking about how fast I could complete this game. I need to look at simolean generating formula’s. Who else wants to help?


I love the sims! Count me in.


I love the sims but are you sure to speedrun this game? btw I want help too


Count me in! I’ll be the wife.


wait,I like the sims too and I would like to help but… Isn’t that an infinite game? There is no ending in the sims, how do you plan on speedrunning it? the only possible ending I know is when the entire family is dead, it’s game over, but there’s no way of “winning” the sims… It’s like speedrunning FarmVille, but with a fun game :smiley:


Hah fun, playing the game 100% in Cheetah-mode! (The >>> Speed)


It ends when everyone dies I guess. Just create a new save without no home and speed it up and wait for a couple of weeks till they all die


Oh look, the oblivious one is here >_>


speaking properly there probably is a way to speed-run sims.

Just define a hard goal


House Building Done Quick.


One giant room fits all.


yeah, the goal must be very precise because a “house” is easy to do, just make 4 super small walls and a floor…


You don’t need a floor so I can save time there.


Wallpaper last.


Some hard goals I can think of:
-Reach the maximum rank of every single career (not necesarily with one sim).
-Get to generation X.
-Have a sim max out all of his or her skills.
-Kill the entire neighborhood by inviting them to your party and then killing them off one by one (or some other way, of course)

From what I remember, Sims 1 is different from sims 2 and 3 as it does not have pre-established neighbors and that your sims cant die of old age, and your children dont grow up. So some of these goals would be undoable in sims 1.


Good idea!


-Make a pool, invite the whole town into it.
-Remove ladder and enjoy the show.


sims was made are for faggots


Depending on your game, your whole town still is pretty large.
Would definitely want to see that objective done.


Maybe it’s something I’ll save for the 100% run.