Sims speedrun?


lol, now a 100% speedrun of the sims?
anyway, for a normal speedrun, could you tell me at least what sims game to play? sims 1, 2 or 3, and which extensions on it. I think the main goal (if playing sims 3) should be to accomplish the long term wish of a particular character, or the long term wishes of every family member (using a pre-decided amount of members). I personnally think it’s the main goal of the game.


I’m thinking Sims 1 due to the sims can walk through walls exploit. This way I could save money on doors which could then be used to beat the boss at the end.


Why make walls? Just put everything outdoors.


Right now I’m thinking a bungalow with no walls or floors with a minimal furniture investment. Still not sure which sink to get though. Thoughts?


my idea is that you guys decide of a precise goal before starting to make a route…


As excited as everyone was to see a complete run of this game The Sims isn’t a project that I’m willing to pursue.

Look forward to that WoW speedrun next year though.


I think it’s cheaper if you use a sink that can stand on it’s own, rather than using a sink that you need to buy those kitchen table thingies for.


What about a well? Buckets are pretty cheap.


lol you guys just ignored completely that typical said it was a joke xD




I seriously can’t believe people didn’t realize ._.

Well done typical.


well, I was the first to point out it wasn’t possible… but yes I took it seriously, will I ever get smart enough to realize when people are messing with me?


I decided to play along since this was actually a pretty awesome idea :smiley:


So, Sims 4 has been released recently, looks like a great game for speedrunning. Lots of tricks and glitches to abuse.

What do you think guys? Should we make a speedrun of it?

I found a cool glitch where you can run on a treadmill with your Sim and once he gets off he’ll continue running very fast everywhere until he goes to bed, can definitely use that!


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I found a cool trick where if your sims are holding a baby/small child, you can double click around a bin very quickly and if successful, put the baby in the trash

I don’t think this has any speedrunning potential, I just hate babies



So, will we ever see this speedrun?