SDA Speedrun Purge?


(Copy pasta from what I posted in the Portal thread on SDA)
Holy… crap! When did they remove all the speedruns… ummm… I don’t know how to explain it, but ones like Half-Hour: Half-Life, Half-Life 2 Done Quick, my old Portal speedrun, the other Portal speedrun that used some OoB glitches, and a ton of other speedruns? What happened? I’m sure there is some kind of reason, but I can’t seem to find a thread related to this purge. I’m sure there are a ton of other ones that got removed, but I looked only for the ones that I knew off the top of my head. Can anyone link me to the thread on SDA about it?


Ah ha! I got a response. They were moved to this page:


Yep, it was on the SDA news post July 11.


We’ve known about it since it happened. It makes sense really, but I’m hoping, if we get permission from all the owners of those runs, we could move all the runs off SDA onto SourceRuns, as we’ll have our site up and running soon.

So SDA gets to get rid of them, we get a bunch of runs, and the runner’s get some new exposure.

Main problem right now is groobo’s runs, as he doesn’t seem to exist on the internet anymore…


I’ll start looking on pron sites for him.


Hey Dale, you cool with moving the HL2 speedrun to this site?


If you just find all people involved, I don’t think it will be any problems.
Who wants his run on a dislocated /RunsWithScripts page?


Someone is working on it? I didn’t hear anything about it since we showed our versions of website.

On-Topic: Does this mean that you can submit scripted runs to SDA and they will appear in that page?


Yeah, Cameron’s rocking it. It’s looking great.

And nah, you can’t submit scripted runs to SDA anymore. They can’t reasonably just remove the runs from their site after accepting them, it’s unfair, so they moved them to that page so people don’t confuse them with unscripted runs.


I want, I want.



If they already are pushed off into that “void” of a page on the SDA site, I would also agree that the be moved here instead, considering they are all Source (and GoldSource) engine games. I don’t want them on this wonky random page on that site.

Mine was in a book (Guinness Book of World Records: Gamer Edition 2009) and now, it is kinda discarded onto the road. I’d rather it be polished off and kept with a new owner instead. On that note… a new project might be in the works, even though I already have a couple other projects on my plate. Lets just say, I need to keep this mousewheel in good condition, or else it’ll break, unless someone knows a better way to jump.


Well I’m working on beating Groobo’s OoB SS run, which isn’t too hard to beat, but takes a hell of a lot to finish a run, so that’ll add more to the portal page.


My last post was hinting at a better way to jump… I tried the right click button and that was okay… but I couldn’t click fast enough for gaining speed quickly. Here are my gripes with the mousewheel:

  • Requires your primary finger (index finger) to use
  • Inconsistently gets jumps ‘going’ (maybe this becomes resolved with practice?)
  • Causes a ‘shaky head’ syndrome (my view is shaking up and down because I have to keep scrolling the mousewheel up and down)
  • Hinders aiming and timing because of the effort involved in scrolling the damn thing
  • Some FPS’s (like Portal 2), you can scroll it in one direction, which negates several of the inconveniences above. Other games (or most, like Portal 1) require you to scroll up AND down which causes many of the negative effects listed above.

So, if anyone has tested a better means to jump repeatedly, I’d be all ears.


I wonder if this is just because the index finger is the most used one otherwise. If you practice a little with the middle finger perhaps you’ll be able to match the speed. If you’re able to do so you’ll also negate


I use my middle finger, so I can still left and right click as I need. Inconsistency is resolved through practice. My view isn’t shaky at all, it’s pretty smooth and everything. I can’t really aim while doing it, that’s a bit unrealistic, but I wouldn’t expect that even with scripts. I just scroll it up, I don’t scroll down at all.

I’m fine abh’ing with mousewheel :smiley:


Wow! It works really well that way. See, I thought that in Portal 1, you could only do it if you released the mwheel, but I was wrong. The trick is to only scroll it slowly. If you scroll it too fast, it starts to ignore the input. I was able to ABH very easily with smooth scrolling turned on for my mouse. Inexistence, are you using smooth scrolling while scrolling it up or just the clicky scroll? I got less than optimal results with the clicky scroll, but near script jumping results with smooth scroll. For SDA, I’d have to find out what is allowed in terms of mice abilities.


Cicky scroll? Smooth scroll? I can only imagine click scroll to be clicking with mousewheel, so mouse3…


If some of your inputs aren’t getting registered, you could try turning up your sv_minupdaterate to 30,000, default being 10. Don’t forget to change max_updaterate too.


No, no, no. A ‘clicky’ scroll mouse wheel is the normal mouse wheel. When you scroll it, it will stop as soon as you stop scrolling it. A smooth scrolling mouse wheel is one that, when you scroll it, it doesn’t stop moving after you scroll it. It is just spinning on the bearing, as opposed to the clicky one which stops because there is a small metal piece that makes it stop in place after you scroll it. My mouse, the Logitech G500, has the option to make it a clicky mouse or enable smooth scrolling.

Changing those didn’t seem to make any kind of a difference. Smooth scrolling the mouse up too fast still results in no jumping, while doing it at a slower speed still produces fairly consistent jumping.


Ah. I just have a regular old windows mouse, so it has to be clicky. I’m fine with it though, not a problem.