SDA hype thread


I’m thinking of starting a hype thread on the SDA PC gaming board for this run, since we’re halfway finished. The main purpose of the thread would be a way for us to keep in contact with the people who are looking forward to this run. They can use it as a place to ask the team questions, speculate on the amount of time we’re saving, etc. We can also use it to post teasers, trailers, route videos or tricks that didn’t make the cut for the actual run, and any other media we find cool (and of course have a link to this forum and to the youtube channel). It would be formatted something like this:

Green denotes finished maps
Yellow denotes current maps
Red denotes maps we’ve completed, but are redoing for various reasons
Normal text denotes maps we’ve not starting working on yet

blah blah list of maps we’ve done blah blah
d1_town_01 - # of segments by runner and runner
d1_town_01a - # of segments by runner, runner, and runner
d1_town_02 - 3 segments by Gocnak (2) and z1mb0bw4y (1)
d1_town_02a - 2 segments by Gocnak (2)
d1_town_04 - # of segments
d1_town_05 - # of segments
blah blah list of future maps blah blah


3-2-13 - gocnak was able to redo the 1st segment of d1_town_02 in order to better set up for the 2nd segment
3-2-13 - gocnak discovers a room full of SMG grenades on d1_town_04 that will make the Coast section more… interesting!


Basically, just a list of maps that change color as we complete them. I can include less information if we think that would be better (less spoiler-y), or we can hide the update log in a spoiler tag so that those that don’t want to learn anything don’t have to accidentally. One reason we might not want to do this is because people can always just come here for their regular updates, but I think that to assume people will always want to check the sourceruns forums (or even know about them in the first place) is likely a bad idea.

That said, if you guys think it’s a bad idea all around, it takes me 0 effort to simply not make the post lol.

Anyways, just an idea I had. I suppose I’ll open a poll on this or something (assuming I can figure out how to do it)


Do it.


The thread


I’d simply make the timesheet public. I see no reason to only post the completed maps. If there is anything that builds hype, it’s to see the new fast times. At least that is my experience about HL22.
It’s not “wow, another map accomplished, good for you” it’s rather “wow, sick times!”

[VERY IMPORTANT] Segment stopping bind
[VERY IMPORTANT] Segment stopping bind

Yeah Quad I guess. I’m gonna fix her up now.