Routes & tricks. WARNING: SPOILERS


Don’t read this if you haven’t played yet. There’s 14 maps. I don’t know the order yet so I’m just going through one at a time.Tricks: Gravity gun jumping only works on certain objects. I’ve found some of the rocks work well at the beginning. Large steel or pallets don’t work anymore. There is an alternate way of wallclimbing though. Stand on an object, keep jumping and ducking while you press 2ndary GG because it will keep falling from you. This gives you some boost, but it’s not that easy. Others can post more. Flying is gone. Bunnyhopping is still really fast. You can still impact boost if you get running fast enough, but from my first run through I didn’t notice many places to use it.ep1_citadel_00: has no shortcuts as far as I’ve noticed. I found a way to get over the gap without the van, but you can’t get in the floor glass without it. And I even noclipped through to test, and you just die at the bottom like you would off a cliff. You just have to wait for all the Alyx and Dog sequences to continue. Boring.


Well, i found a way to get around waiting for Dog to pickup the combine airship to let you through onto the cliff. I will be posting a demo in a minute, but i was also wondering if we could get that demo uploader back, because for now, ill just use filefront, which totally sucks :(. Actually, ill just use, because i dont really care about keeping the demo available for more than 7 days.Edit: Demo!!!…8247C51524EA4F7


If orb-jumping is possible I might have a way to skip most of the core stabilisation.You ONLY need the 3rd repair/stabilisation thingy to secure the core. But we would have to take a piece to orb-jump with us from a previous Level. Every console is fixed and not movable before you get into this room.It’s just an idea. but it might work.Edit:@DemonStrate: Does that also skip the Plot-telling? Or do you have to wait for alyx?


I suggest this topic is deleted. I know you are all eager to show what you’ve found and show what “l33t runners” you are. But I would suggest instead to just wait a couple of weeks before even starting to think of routes. I havent even played it yet (i installed it, then my fan stopped and melted my mobo). And i daresay neither have alot of people. If you want to do something useful, I suggest you play it through about 3 more times and try to find general tricks, instead of routes / specific tricks. Im not saying specific tricks that you’ve found are bad, just leave it a couple of weeks, keep them to yourself for now. imo.


Seriously. Its not a long game. We are very eager to try different tricks, and if you dont want to read about them, wait until you beat it. Id really like to start testing things right away. @Insane: If you could somehow hit the next trigger for the next map, you wouldnt need to wait for alyx. She would appear in the next map. I need to do more testing.EDIT!!!: Found a way to make citadel_01 quite faster… This crazy ass longjump that we can do. Its not ez to do, so we’d have to practice it alot. Check this demo out! You might have to disable AHK for this because youll jump more than you need to otherwise, which will make you fall.…2CA8D6B105B2223


Ok we can pretty much cancel the orb jump. Every Possible piece that would work is either locked, or the ones you can rip off just vanish like the guns which the guards lose. And if yuo fire the orbs and they reflect from a wall they just go right through you. Damn.But another idea would be doing it after the first stabilisation thingy. You can take this consoles with you. If that would work we could skip a fight an climbing up the core.At least it seems like alyx “teleports” to you if you are charging ahead with full speed. I’m going to investigate further on that.But sometimes she just walks instead of runs if you are too much ahead. @Demonstrate: Yeah but the Level trigger is somewhere all the way down in the basement which is impossible to access by normal ways. And in some Levels you need to wait for alyx to activate the level trigger which sucks even more…Oh holy shit this jump looks hard.Edit: Hmmm. After that jump (I made it 2 times…) alyx seems to get “stuck” after the light bridge. She teleports there but doesn’t move. You can’t get her forward not even if you noclip there and shoot her with rockets, but without her the the cutscene with breen doesn’t trigger… Either it’s my game or we have to find another way around. But that jump would be soooooo cool.


Here’s a better way for citadel_01 :smiley:…B7CE40311D1E01FNice find though, looks like a lot of stuff won’t be possible that previously was so shortcuts are rare I think.Edit: Oh and I got to that one room where that giant head alien thing comes up and Alyx teleported there fine and did her sequence.


Some small shortcuts in citadel_03…410501757578375


Wohoooo I made it. :)Here’s the orb jump at the core.…4E420795C29186AThe first demo is just how to set it up and a small jump. The second is probably as high as it gets. and the 3rd one is how it should be. There is a way to get directly on the moving platforms. But its hard as hell. Have Fun. :slight_smile:


Nice jumps guys! It looks like alot of this will be massive trick jumping. There are alot of parts we should be able to skip just by making really good jumps. Ill keep seeing if there is a way for us to get to the bottom of the citadel thing in citadel_01. We’ll see what happens with that map.



No i didn’t finish the map. It has cost me enough time to figure out that damn postion for the metal plate. I’ll look into it in about an hour. Stay tuned. ;)Edit: Goddamnit. It doesn’t work… you need all 3 thingies. Ah well. Could be worse. -.-I need to find more shortcuts to make up for this one. ^^


i can`t download from yousendit :(, can someone make a video off this jumps :?


I think the trick can still be used.Before doing it, just grab an orb and put it in the first hole, then run back. Orb jump up to the second and backtrack? I don’t know if this is possible or faster I’m just going from memory. Then continue to the last one.


crazy idea – is it possible to get Alyx to walk onto a physprop object like the flat metal? it would be awesome to do a trick where you send her flying before doing it yourself…if this works I want credit for coming up w/ the idea… ;->


i have another one for the citadel, also pretty cool:after the first time, where you have to use these energy balls to activate one of theses bridges, there are some combine soldiers. if one of them throws a grenade, you can use it, to get over the next bridge, here a demo (it didnt work, but it is possible):


and a second:it is possible to skip the elevator thing in the citadel, by climbing down these pipes, they will prevent you from taking damage while falling, a demo will come soon



I wonder how much of these problems with trying to bypass level flow is coincidence, and how much it was explicitly engineered this way (although Chomp’s bhopping over that ravine to save all the time w/ the first Stalker’s and roller-mines and everything shows that serious time can still be saved, just not anywhere near as much as was done w/ HL2.)


This seems really unorganized how we are skipping to like 1/2 game.Why dont we start at the first map or two?