Residual Life


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a.k.a. the first GoldSrc mod speedrun by The SourceRuns Team!

This is a thread for a run that me and YaLTeR are working on. It’s a really nice Half-Life mod, and I was planning to do a run of this for a while, but didn’t start it until now.

You can ask any questions in this thread, and follow our progress (we’ll try to publish news here from time to time). This post will be updated once the run is done (shouldn’t take a while. I mean, this isn’t Source Engine).
Also, any tips or feedback is appreciated!


I like Residual Point, though…


Never heard of Residual Point. Looks extremely similar to this one. Will take a look into it once we’re done with this beast :slight_smile:


Risking being slapped in the face… just a tiny question…
Scripts or no Scripts? :smiley:


Scripted. Also, we are now having a guest appearance from quadrazid, so prepare for even more awesomeness.


It’s made by the same guy :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really a mod for running, IMO.

The problem with this mod is that it’s very linear and most of the start is basically waiting for the elevator to take you to the next floor. This repeats not two but three times. Devs clearly didn’t think about it. Linear mod is OK but when it’s a corridor shooter, nope.

Also, making a run that contains an escort mission is pain in the ass. I hope you guys will find something to make it a bit faster. I might have to check if that door is able to be opened by a monster…

Leaving the rant aside, I would’ve still stayed as a runner but I wanted to focus on my TH3 run. Good luck!


Alright so I felt like this thread needed an update.

Currently we have 14 maps and 50 segments finished. That’s about 14 minutes of the run.

Today I found a secret passage in the next map which leads to some chapter we’ve never seen before. It turns out that taking the hidden chapter will actually be faster than our previous route. It’s also a lot easier to Bunnyhop throughout the chapter.
This is what the entrance looks like

Intended route and the pipe in one picture. As you can see, it’s in a spot that’s hard to see, and even if you did look at it, the grating on the side would look like that pipe is sealed. Also, the bridge over the rails kind of suggest to go to the intended route so that’s a really nice secret.


That’s really wild that you found an intended secret rather than a new glitch during the making of this. I’m excited to watch this, keep it up!


Sadly, we’re not using this route anymore. I found a huge triggerdelay that saves up to 2 minutes, but in order to do it we’ll have to follow our old route. Both routes turn out to be equally fast, this pipe route might be easier to perform though.


Are you running on NGHL? or some other version?




Are others allowed to try for segments?


We’re up to the part where we do that triggerdelay we mentioned earlier. Time to make the script now! :slight_smile:


Alright, triggerdelay segment is completed. Here’s the triggerdelay script, if you’re interested. YaLTeR gets credit for scripting the acceljump ;D
This triggerdelay saved us around 2 minutes and 48 seconds in exchange of our weapons. Don’t worry, we get some of them back :wink:

It was pretty fun routing the whole triggerdelay route since on our way to the elevator we had to dodge like 5 grunts (not a single hp lost!) and they didn’t want to give up chasing after us yet.
We took a shorter route to our destination while triggerdelaying by taking this door that’s usually locked unless you enter it from another side. Not only we’d save time going back, but we’d also avoid running into the grunts again, right? Not exactly. There was this grunt (he’s now dead, sadly) that thought he was 2smart4us and SOMEHOW managed to get ALL the way to the place where we enter through the locked door just so he could meet us on the other side. Wow, nice wallhack…
It’s pretty hard to explain it here but you’ll probably see it while watching the run, it was pretty intense.

Some stuff about the run itself:
Right now we’ve completed 83 segments and 17 maps. 16 minutes and 51 seconds into the run.
Average segment length - 12.81s


I like how you put in a no-jump strafe script
also," 16 minutes and 51 seconds into the run."
Dis gona be a long run I can see


These are strafes for the bunny. I’m bunnyhopping at that point.


that makes it even better


Messed around a bit with my client and managed to finally get stable-ish 250fps in the current level. Went back and redone 7 segments, saving 4 seconds.