Residual Life


So… ETA when? ~2016?

jk, good luck! :>


What did you fiddle with to get it?


I’d like to know this too.

But yeah, hype, cannot wait for this run!


gl_texturemode and other commands that I’ve found on your twitch bio, lol. Also setting cl_rendermodels to 0 when around enemies, since I don’t really need to see them.


run ded :c rip


I blame exec, I do segs from time to time. D:


We’re working on it, but slowly, whenever we get a motivation boost. Since the last update we’ve advanced by 8-9 segments.

Meanwhile, I started working on the video for the run.


Updated the timesheet so you can see how much we’ve progressed since the last time.


can you send me/add a link to saves, id like to try some segments. Played this mod a lot.


No, sorry. This run is not open to everyone anymore.


damn, that sucks. Hope to see this run soon.


“Get HYPED and finish the run!” a msg from imagination :stuck_out_tongue:


We have to finish before 2015 comes. Or else I owe kebab to PJC.


Remove it 8)


A kebab deal? Sounds tasty.


It better be a doner with garlic sauce.


sounds great


It’s getting close to 2015, we don’t want to give PJC a free kebab do we?


But mooooom. 10 more minutes ok?