Rerun of Half-Life 2?


I guess we’re all thinking it, aren’t we? So how do we go about actually doing this?

Do we just play with the current steam version of HL2, and hope it’s not updated further?
Do we use the forums alone for times/segments and things like that, or do we combine the forum and other sites (I was thinking some google docs spreadsheet might be nice for everyone to update their times and whatnot)?
Do we need to do a phase 1 run, or do we think we’re ready to just go for it and make it up as we go along (After all, the HL2DQ would make a pretty good route guide)?

I’ve never really done this before, so ideas are more than welcome. I guess the first thing we should do is get some names of potential runners at least. I’ll go first.

List of confirmed runners:

Edit: I’ve noticed a lot of people saying “I’ll run when I have the time”. I think this is the intention of most people, including myself. We want to keep this a fun project - a hobby. No one should be forced to play when they don’t want to (although sometimes a slight nudge isn’t always a bad thing xd).

But really, with almost 10 runners there should never be a reason to feel pressure to play. If you want to take a break, just say so and the rest will continue. I’m sure we’ll pick up even more runners along the way too. So play when you feel like it, because - in my experience - that’s when you get the best times anyway.


wicked sick if this goes through. let it take the time it takes.
before first segment is played, lets have a guessing game about completion time. i say 1:05:30h ;>
and lets talk to turre about how to get the smooth transitions. one segment/map is bullshit. use the amount needed to achieve best time.

good luck!


I’ll help whenever I can find the time.


I’ll be running as well when I have time on my hands. This should be awesome.


When I’m back from uni, I’m sure I’ll run. Definitely no time while there. Damnit I love HL2. Turreu, we’re handing over canals to you.


I would love to see this done :open_mouth:

Although I can’t ABH for crap so I’ll just be here for support ~yay, or maybe something that doesn’t require ABH.



I would like to run too :slight_smile: boots up hl2 to start practicing


I would love to see this done :open_mouth:

Although I can’t ABH for crap so I’ll just be here for support ~yay, or maybe something that doesn’t require ABH.


No, stop it! There can only be ONE team that could be called HL2DQ… Stop it! Stop it now!!!

I wish you guys the best of luck with this damn interesting project. Show Valve that you can’t stop speedrunners just because they remove standard bhopping :slight_smile: The finished product will probably draw quite a lot of interest - partly due to the success of the HL2DQ-run, partly because you will probably beat that run :smiley:

Good luck HL2DQ2 team!

(If anybody has hardware problems during this run I could perhaps support them with money… since nobody has done a GMC-run, I still have that cash to spare.)


Haha, your post made my day. After all, I think this should be called HL2OBQ or HL2DQTPR (HL2 Done Quicker Than Previous Run) :smiley:


HL2ABH… Because it rhymes in Swedish. xd

Nah, but I say we’ll just call it Half Life 2 Done Quicker, to keep with the spirit of the old quake runs. - Assuming the run is faster than the original HL2DQ, that is.

But about the run!

I’m guessing we’ll have to come up with new routes for the entire game, basically, so should we just do some sort of phase 1 run, and then do it for real during phase 2? The way I see it there’s no reason to stress anyway. Like quad said we should allow this to take as much time as it takes.

If everyone’s fine with that, we’ll just have to create new time tables and whatnot; Does anyone have the ones used for the original run perhaps? That would save us some precious time. Also perhaps a sub-forum for the run itself would be nice, since this forum is for the game as a whole(?)


I think this is what you need.

I think a subforum would be pretty handy, so I agree with the idea. I also agree with making Phase1 for new routes, but ABH is so random, that I dont think that we will be able to replicate all the routes the way they have to be done.


Yup. If mimp has taught us anything, it’s that you can never be sure of everything that can be done with ABH. There are literally no limits whatsoever.

Also, that time table is indeed what I was looking for. I think we’ll need to segment more than that though, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Now we just need a sub-forum and we can get started on phase 1!


I’m definitely in favor of the run although I’d prefer to see EP2 finished first. In any case I doubt that I’ll run much, but you never know. Anyway, I was messing around on the coast levels around April I think and uploaded some things to the shared sourceruns dropbox folder HL2OB. Maybe this is where we should gather route suggestions, phase 1 demos and what not, sort of like the upload script the HL2DQ folks used in the past. So feel free to add to it.

As far as visuals of the compilation video go, I think we should tone down the motionblur a bit. In an ABH run I personally prefer no motionblur at all. Just my two cents. Cheers.


I lol’d hard at that first part, thanks for your blessing :smiley:


I know how you feel, and I agree it feels somewhat wrong to start re-running before we’re even done, so to day. But still, I think HL2 is much more compelling and even more important than any of the episodes, and therefore I also feel like they can wait.

Sounds good. Do you have an URL for it?

I would have to say I agree with you, but it’s still a bit to early to start talking about the video now anyway. We’ll see when we get there.

Also, CooL has now created a new sub-forum for the run. If anyone’s up for making the time tables and whatnot please go ahead. If no one wants to, I guess I could do it. Please come with ideas of what info you want in them and how you want them to look etc.

Oh, and another thing. I guess we can use the steam group-chat for this run, since it would work in-game as opposed to how it worked with episode 2. And since so few seem to embrace the idea of IRC i think that would be the best choise.


This is a crazy, wonderful and totally awesome idea!

Count me in! (Just in case I’ll add “whenever I can find the time” although that shouldn’t be too much of a problem)


I vote for a Google Docs spreadsheet


rayvex and I had a spreadsheet in a shared dropbox to sync between us. But Googledocs would work good/better.