Post your rig!


We need an update with the new carpet and wallpaper.


There’s no new carpet, there are new curtains.

EDIT: My setup v2 clean table & new wall-papers edition:


Next time there’ll be a third plushie | ]


@yalter, i could solve those rubiks cubes for you. I hate it when mine aren’t solved.

Also, in total i count 5 subs? yeah. 5. I like my room to shake. in total ive spent 90 bucks on this setup (the audio portion of it). ive had some pretty good luck. The laptop is 600 bucks (thanks tax returns).

also, before anyone asks, the drawing on my desk is because ive had this desk since i was 7. and the drawing under the mouse is because my mouse will work on crayon, but not on desk. idfk.

The current setup has a 4 core 2.1ghz apu that is terrible at playing anything graphics intensive. (not pleased with that). but it works for portal.

later this week im purchasing a computer totally built around this processor: LINK
I wanted something intense thats capable of multitasking like a god. (i wanna stream and play off the same computer. so i figured id go overkill).

Will post pictures of my setup then. plan to totally re-arrange my room when i get that. so yeah. itll be cool to have before and after pics.

also, before people make masturbation jokes, the soap is my girlfriends, and the lotion is because i have exema. chill.

also(x2), duct tape top hat.



  • I7 4790k
  • R9 270x
  • 2tb hdd 250gb ssd
  • Razer tiamat.

Other stuff:

  • books
  • chess table
  • motorcycle battery
  • headphones


The thread says “post your rig” but here’s a picture of my desk instead. Might post my rig once I get a proper good case for it.

  • Intel i5 6600k OC’d to 4.20GHz (blazing temps yo)
  • be quiet! Pure Rock CPU cooler (cpu temps around 25C idle)
  • AMD Radeon HD 6870
  • Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2133MHz RAM
  • GIGABYTE z170X Gaming 3 motherboard
  • Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD + Seagate 500GB HDD

----- stuff -----

  • Razer Kraken headphones
  • CM Storm Quickfire XT (MX Brown switches) keyboard
  • Steelseries QcK+ pad
  • Mic on the left + preamp next to the mousepad
  • Really old & cheap A4Tech X7 760H mouse I’ve had for like 5 years now
  • Some Samsung 1080p monitor, ayy
  • Custom-printed Lord of The Rings poster of Rivendell
  • 2 posters that came with Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle vinyl album


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Re-organised my room.
Replaced second monitor with Surface Pro 4 (i5/8gb). Using Synergy between desktop and Surface.

Next step is to get a VESA mount for the monitor and Surface, then I’ll grab a DisplayPort/USB switch and turn the Surface into my daily driver, only using the desktop (i5 6600, GTX980, 16gb) for games.


What’s in all those hard drives?


Nice, what is that picture strapped onto the monitor?


Mostly just old backups, or I’ve pulled them out of my NAS because they started showing errors.

A… friend.


Reposting from instagram. There’s a second monitor to the right of the primary, both are hooked up to the computer behind the in sight monitor. Laptop is separate.

Speccy 4 nerds:

I use it for video editing – I work on a long term project mainly synchronized over the internet so I have to render everything myself, hence bothering for a 5820K and 32 GB of RAM.