Post your rig!


I noticed that this is the only forum I’ve been on that doesn’t have one of these threads.

So, I guess I’ll start.

AMD FX 6300 @4.0GhZ
8GB of some Corsair Value Select because no $ left for Vengeance RAM
x2 500GB HDD
x1 500GB Sandisk SSD
x1 64GB Sandisk SSD dunno why though
Nvidia GTX 760 (980s are dead, one started hissing and the other’s fans died)
x4 Coolermaster 120mm Fans and a Coolermaster Siedon Liquid cooling thingy

Other shit:
Several hats
1970’s Russian Gasmask
home made wok-fi antennae
A golden chinese cat
Razer keyboard, mouse and headset
3 different screens LG and BenQ
Generic condenser mic

What’s your rig like?


Dang you’ve got the same chassi as I do :3 pic coming soon :>


To prove I’m not dead… Behold low-light Nexus 4 camera.

My brother more-or-less commandeered my main computer so I stick with this nowadays. Old Dell Insipron 1520 upgraded to 4gb RAM, Elementary OS with a broken GPU driver (RIP games).
Used to use the second screen there, but performance is a lot better with only one (and the screen might’ve also died).
Giant-ass pile of old Cisco switches (2x5509 and a 5505) to the right, they’re more useful as a space heater these days (5509’s have 2x1200W PSUs).
Bottle of Clynelish Whiskey that I really need to drink more of.
Lots of political junk mail (yay, election time).
Too much horse-fag stuff.

Not pictured: NAS (15tb) and home server (ESXi).


Well, here’s mine:

My PC configuration’s everywhere so I’m not gonna re-list it here I guess.

  • 1080p144 G-Sync + 1680x1050 120
  • SteelSeries kb & mouse
  • Sennheiser G4ME ZERO
  • osu!tablet
  • Giant mug
  • Lots of mess in the right corner consisting of some papers/notebooks, stuff like my student card and whatnot
  • And cookies
  • Little UPS where my PC is plugged into, helps if I’m not running anything heavy
  • Sneakers
  • A huge hole in the wall-papers for some reason
  • A stockpile of PS1 games’ disk cases for some reason (the PS1 and the disks themselves are in a backpack in a closet)
  • A couple of Rubik’s cubes (2x2x2, two 3x3x3s, 3x3x4, 4x4x4)
  • Ponies
  • A lot of those


Man, if I had a brother that did that I’d fuckin kick his ass. What did you use the switches for, server host or something?

Am I the only person here who does not own anything pony related?


I’m with you here.

I’ll post some pictures once I moved in a couple of weeks and have everything set up \o/


I use this set up when it’s cool outside so it doesn’t get hot.

This is the -40dbm strength antenna I use when it rains or at night, it gets so hot sometimes that the aluminium surrounding the pipe has gone slightly brown.

This is the beast that powers it:

A WHOPPING 250kbps Down and 50kbps UP!
Fuck you telekom you greedy fucks, gimme some of that biznet fibre.


Lol where do you live? On some East African island?


Close, central Indonesian island.


Hey at least you got same download speed and better upload speed than me and I live in a town in germany :smiley:


How is that even what?!


It was built in 2010 with no major upgrades since.
Intel core i5-750
ATI msi Radeon 5850
242GB OCZ Vertex4 SSD, 80GB SSD, 230GB (from 2003!), 1TB WD, 3TB WD
BenQ 120hz monitor
Logitech G400 mouse
Steelseries 6Gv2 board
Biggest Steelseries pad
Steelseries Siberia green out of picture
Rather big homebuilt three-way speakers with 8" subwoofer, powered by a USB soundcard with built in amplifier constructed by my electronics M.Sc. brother.

Telia fiber net 100/100

Coffee plant that probably won’t make it through the winter.
Garmin 310xt watch
Fischer RCS Classic skis outside

Bonus pic of my new 2.75x2.30 wall piece. Jerusalems kvarn, Gränna, Sweden. 1200th century mill.


I like how your desktop background is pretty much the same thing you’d see outside.

I’ve always wanted to get a poster like that but the sun shines straight into my room in the afternoon and depending on the material of the poster, it’d probably refract all the colour of it everywhere and fade the poster.

I didn’t think coffee grew in temperate climates.


I don’t think I have ever seen a swede without steelseries gear x)

Looks great quad.



  • Fx 4300
  • GTX 750 Ti
  • 8gb ram
  • Gateway Crt up to 1280x960 @120hz I use 1024x768 @120
  • Some TV I got for christmas
  • Mouse that came with keyboard, Old SS broke so I’m going to get a Deathadder sooner or later
  • Razer Goliathus Large Speed, Its nice texture is weird tho
  • SS Siberia v2 (no USB)
  • Razer BlackWidow (I would like a TKL or mini, that’s an upgrade for the future)
  • baseball glove my brother gave me, can finally use it now in highschool :smiley:

1.4MB/s Down/.73 Mb/s up

Besides the notes I made I really like my setup. I’m saving up for a 144hz monitor and a FX 8xxx. and after that I’m not sure what I’m going to ugprade.


dude that CRT is bawss. Its just a place holder for a 144hz monitor.



Oh, god no. I was thinking something more along the lines of


Hmm. Didn’t know you could get a monitor like

For so damn cheap.
Thanks though I’ll just wait for till I have enough for a 120hz+ monitor.


You can even buy a CRT for a something like fifth of that.
Wait why am I bringing us back to CRTs I’m sorry


Price:US $29.99
Shipping: $182.46
Import charges: $40.30

uh huh