Post your rig!


I swear that looks like carpet.

Is that a floppy drive? That’s some stone age shit.


It’s something I salvaged from my old computer a few years ago. It’s an SD card reader and extra USB slot.


Floppy = stone age shit?


Well yes. ???


omg my osu tablet is broke , add me to play osu together? uwu


Well it wasn’t really my computer per-se, more a family one that I ended up owning half the hardware in.
The switches are pretty much glorified paper-weights now, Cisco 5509s, probably worth more in scrap than I paid for them (Which as one whole dollar), they’re a bit of fun to play around with but they run CatOS which is not likely to be found in the wild anymore (Everything Cisco uses IOS now). When I move out of home I’ll use them as a coffee table or something…


Because YaLTeR (kinda) asked

  • 1920x1080 24" Samsung SyncMaster S24B370 60 Hz
  • 1024x768 15" AOC LM520A 75 Hz
  • Logitech G103 (keyboard) and Logitech G300 (Mouse)
  • DualShock 3 Crystal, bought in Japan
  • No comments about microphone and headphones
  • Blue Shift and Opposing Force CDs, latter is from Half-Life: Generation
  • Some D-Link router

PC Specs (upgraded only RAM since 2011):

  • i7-950 @ 3.06 GHz (4 cores, stock clock)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX-570 (1280 MB Video Memory, 723 MHz, stock clock)
  • GIGABYTE GA-X58-USB3 Motherboard
  • 14 GB DDR3 667 MHz Crucial
  • Creative Sound Blaster Zx
  • 2 TB SATA II Western Digital WD20EARS (5400 RPM)
  • USB FDD and I have 27 floppies :stuck_out_tongue:

If any questions about PS3 - CECH-2508B (for CFW) and CECH-4208C


edit i have no idea where that face is actually from


Uhm what are you guys talking about. This is a real gaming setup, almost…

edit: sorry, that was my laptop setup, this is my real one

  • very old chair
  • computer with stuff I cant remember
  • 2 screens
  • logitech g110 gaming keyboard
  • razer deathadder gaming mouse
  • deltaco mic
  • razer kraken 7.1
  • gaming mousepad
  • glass of water
  • lamp


By “Rig” I mean a desktop computer with monitors on a desk and even the things around it, not just a picture of your laptop, I could just google the model number of that laptop and get the same picture.

A laptop connected to multiple monitors on the other hand is no big deal, at least it’s something different.


Before I got my desktop, I had a laptop that was hidden under the table with keyboard, mouse, monitor and headphones connected to it.


I am alone at home for few days so i use the tv as a monitor :smiley: pretty smart for rendering :smiley: (else i only have the laptop :confused: )


Here’s my current setup. Sorry for potato camera and messiness, it’s the best I can do at the moment.

MoBo: Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H
CPU: AMD A8-3870
GPU: GeForce GTX 660
Hard Drives: 1x 120 gb for windows
1x 2 tb for everything else
1x 500 gb external
Mouse: Logitech G402
Keyboard: Tt eSports Poseidon Z with blue Kailh switches and some rainbow keycaps
Monitors: 2x acer 16:9 with 60hz refresh rate
and a steelseries qck mousepad


got my workstation all set up finally, with blur and all.


How is all that audio equipment set up?
Are those screens on a vesa mount?
and is that a NAS on the left?


were you like smoking weed
whats with all the fog


i have a power strip under my desk its all connected to, i have my pc audio going into the amplifier via a 3.5 to phono cable

yeah it’s some brand ive never heard of but its nice as hell

and no, thats my desktop.


Reminder to take your vitamins


List your specs people.