Portal The Flash Version Mappack - Will it do?


Hey! I’m a new user.
I’m a fan of these games, and I wanted to suggest a mappack to run:
Portal The Flash Version Mappack, for Portal 1. Nothing else to say, will we do this?
YTP andmore signing out.
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You can do it if you want to. I don’t primarily run Portal, but I’ll check it out. Also, welcome to SourceRuns!


You can find some interesting routes on Heplooners YouTube channel if you want to start a segmented run yourself!


there is a segmented run, not very optimized but still crazy fast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCpw5e-CO-0


Oh I didn’t know that, neat run!

I also must admit that I automatically thought about an Inbounds run and I think Hep has inbounds strats.


this can be a great little project (and i hope it wouldn’t take 6 months like rexaura …).
Also if the mod have some cool and fast inbounds route, i think inbounds would be a way better :smiley:


I’m down to help if you like.


Whoa, thanks guys! I’m already a runner, Fnzzy! Thanks INFERNOUX, if I need help I will totally ask you!


I found a portal bump… somewhere like halfway through the first map for inbounds, I’ll be posting it later today i think maybe possibly


ok, i’ve already start Portal-TFV mappack’s Legacy segmented, with Mrmopi5000. But we stop because i’m too lazy…
And a lot of segment was not optimal. But we found a lot of LEGACY strat (so no save glitch and no edge glitch goes oob) . And i can say to you: legacy segmented can be really fun. So i can help you and i give to you our strat, but sry i hate doing segmented x) so i will not doing segment or just few segments if you need.

Have fun.

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I feel like it would be fun to do legacy inbounds segmented for just plain portal. For this i’d like to do a regular inbounds segmented run because it would be crazy fast with saveglitch :DDDD
I’m currently working on a faster oob run of it because the 3:25 run was noticeably slow. I think it’ll be around like maybe 3:00 to 3:10, not sure but progress is slow because I hate the second map :-\


Thanks for answering! Would anyone of you like to speedrun it with me?


I’d like to, yes. I haven’t got much else going on :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll work on routing for a while and look at some of heplooner’s routes and try to optimize them, I’ll get back to you with a PM.


Ok! Thanks man!


I would be interested in running/routing this as well.


So, on the list there are:
Anybody else?


Same. You can get with me on steam (ifx~infernoux). I’ll rout just about anything you don’t want to. The harder the puzzle the better. Oh. And I’m obsessed with save glitch.


Add me for routing and maybe segment if you feel like it ^^


Added you!


Oh, thanks!