Portal The Flash Version Mappack - Will it do?


portal xat group: http://xat.com/PortalTFVmappackrunning


I, I!
Add me please.


Routing for this is really slow, I got pretty tired of portal 1 recently and tried to run half-life but it requires way too much skill for me to just jump into and there’s a lot of different mechanics and weird physics (if you can even call them that) so I got back to portal recently, I should be posting some videos this week if real life goes well.
Sorry ;-;


with szeimartin we finished the first map : lightyears away from the actual wr ^^


in a good or bad sense?


Send me the dem!


Hey! You add me to list or not?


Ok! Steam Name?


My Steam hacked and email too. For the past six months, I can not login.

Sorry for the long answer. ;D


And how do you pretend to play and be added?!


he does play is my guess, source unpack used to be independent of steam


With Source Unpack example.


Anyone else there?


Nah, I think we’re fine. I’ve been away from this project because school really hates me.


I as well have been busy with things. I have another segmented run I’m working on as well as some personal projects I’ve been doing. As soon as I find the time though I’ll work on this run.

Do we even have a single segment worked out?


Yes, we have the 1st map completed, problem is that I can’t load it in my game. Shit.


Can you, Szeimartin, convert the portaltfv1 .dem files into .avi , since my game can’t read them? Please!


i will do it tomorrow if you want but there is no swaggy strats at all, it’s just all about edge glitch and shotting as fast as possible (the last pqr is cancer)