Portal 2?


Your dear darwin is proud and happy… I just uploaded my first ever skip for a game! :smiley:

Take a look :slight_smile:

Anyway, what’s the plans for Portal 2? Anyone interested? Will demonstrate keep it to himself? A lotta questions have to be answered! :smiley:

Useful tricks and glitches

I thought we’d just sit back with some popcorn and watch DemonStrate do his thing. Or perhaps he’d be open to running it as a group?

Nice skip btw.

Btw, I accidentally skipped the part where you find GLaDOS when I played through the game. All of a sudden she was just attached to my portal gun. I never “found” her.


That’s basically what I’m asking, if he’s open for doing it groupwise I’d be psyched but I wouldn’t bother too much if he wants it for himself. ^^

Thanks man :smiley:

How is that even possible? The scene where she gets attached is like one of the biggest scenes in the game? ;O


Seriously? I still haven’t seen it. :D! Coudln’t be bothered going back and re-playing, as I wanted to progress the story. I just thought I had found her somewhere and attached her, no big deal. I guess I should re-play it. o,o


That’s quite interesting Igge. I have a theory on how to get on that bridge without lowering that bridge… That room is probably one of the most exploitable one’s in Portal 2.

One of the obvious changes from portal to portal 2 is that the entire room isn’t portalable any more. This’ll probably make a run a lot more based on movement more than just portalling everywhere.

The only skip I’ve found so far is speeding up the turret replacement. (Where you put the crap turret where the template turret is). You can portal bump straight in there and don’t have to wait for Wheatley to “hack” in there.

Finally Steven Merchants a bawss.

That’s all.


When I skipped glados I just did one of those long “double falls”. This gave me enough speed to land on top of the elevator, and then I could jump down to the part where you enter. This way I didn’t need to lift the extended part of the walkway (I didn’t even know you could lift it since I didn’t even see glados)


Igge’s thinking with Portal’s.


Reminds me of another unintentional skip I found which also included getting up on top of an elevator the “wrong” way. Like this one I also did it without knowing it was actually a skip.

I guess my brain must be messed up from all the speedrunning.


I know that feeling…!


Here’s the skip btw. Pretty straight-forward.


On a fairly interesting note:

Looks like even Igge can bhop faster the Demon can. :smiley:


The portal 2 bhop is really interesting. The one in my clip is actually pretty slow, and can be done much faster.


I already feel like a portal 2 pro bunnyjumper, I’ve been practicing a lot! :smiley:

Btw check this out :slight_smile:


Heh. Even though he can bunny hop I read on one of his Ep2 speedrun route video’s that he used to surf.

So I think he’ll be able to air control.

At any rate. Nice run!


Well, turns out I’ve been doing this part wrong all along. I’ve been doing it that ever since I started playing, I always wondered how Glados ended up on my gun, but I just decided not to think about it.


Thanks Typical!

On a side note, why are you guys never in irc?! >:(


My totally awesome improvement to Demon’s run.

I always wondered how Glados ended up on my gun, but I just decided not to think about it.

The ignore it and it will go away method. You’re so awesome Jared.

On a side note, why are you guys never in irc?! Angry

I keep forgetting. :’(


Where’s the fucking thumbs up feature on this forum, I have to give this man a thumbs up. Btw, I’m in the tub.


Well, the Bhop in Portal 2 is quite busted so you can’t do much except for going slightly faster than normal or keeping your speed (you can’t turn when you’ve reached a certain amount of speed which is p00py). Anyways, I’ve been working on this game quite a lot but I will most likely only be active in the SDA thread I’m afraid :’(


I assume you know there’s walljumping as well?