Portal 1 (source unpack, build 5135) Demos from speedrunaddon don't work


I always get “unknown command: demopauseafterinit” when trying to watch a demo from a run.
listdemoo.exe can read and time the demos without a problem.
I’ve tried loading the spt plugin, but that just crashes hl2.exe.
What do? :-\


Please use this thread for questions:


which only says to ask a runner directly, what I’m currently trying to do here


As Traderain said, you can ask a runner directly using the Help thread I made.


Is there a space in your demo name? You can’t have spaces in your demo names.

EDIT: That Portal thread was created for members to ask questions. Don’t contact runners personally, just ask in this thread.


I have the same problem when trying to watch “C:\Users\Michelle\Downloads\04-05_4171.dem” (I don’t even remember what that was, but I downloaded it to test that issue further), so it’s not because of any spaces in the path (the demos still have the original name created by the addon anyways)