Help and Frequently Asked Questions


I have been asked by Bitrain to make a thread about frequently asked questions and their answer.
Here are some common questions you should read before making a thread on Portal 1 forums:

“Portal Done XXXXXXX segmented run”
There are a lot of segmented run made by SourceRuns Community, which is great.
However, there are like a bunch of them that has never been finished.
I can understand that making a segmented run with different elements of gameplay can be interesting like Jumpless, 23 Cubes, TSA, and stuffs like that.
If you want to make a segmented run, you should have a solid project, skillful friends SourceRunners, and motivation.

“Proposal to XXX” or “This rule is stupid”
Everyone can find that a rule is stupid; it works in real life, on the Internet, at school, at work, in countries.
There are rules you can disagree with. However, you have to follow these rules.
The only changes that have been done were made when most of the runners of a game were for it.
It works the same way in politics (mostly, not everytime), if the majority disagree with a rule, they will delete it.
Unless you have the agreement of the majority of runners of a game/a category, don’t start a “rule-breaking” thread because that will go nowhere.

“I found XXXX glitch”
Ok, this is a difficult case I guess. When this question was asked, most of the time, it was known glitches.
However, some runners weren’t aware of these glitches. This means you CAN probably make a thread about it, but it will mostly everytime be already known.
In MY opinion, I think it’s important to make a thread about glitches that may sound obscure to newbies (example : Some people didn’t know the lamp could be stuck on the ceiling).
Finally, don’t try to spam the forums, ask a known runner, he will probably answer you.

“I need help for XXXX glitch”
Ask a runner personally. The community is made of great people that are very nice and who can explain you in-depth.
Making a thread for that isn’t always good and can sound as spam for some runners.

“I found this route for XXXXXX chamber in Inbounds”
I know nothing about Inbounds, I am not going to lie. However, I know there are dozens of routes for each chamber in Inbounds.
The thing is that save glitching allows you different routes, different playstyles.
Some routes are easier, some are harder.
Unless you have a “faster than segmented” route, it’s mostly useless to do a thread about that.
You choose the strat you use, especially for Inbounds.

“Where can I find Maxxuss’ Speedrun_demorecorder ?”
Here :

“Is there a Ghosting Mod for Portal 1 ?”
No. As far as I know, noone is working on it.

“I experience issues with LiveSplit/Vault Save/ SourceSplit/ SPT Timer/ Demorecorder”
Ask a runner directly, he will be probably answer you better than anyone.
If it’s related with a bug, you can submit issues directly to their makers :
LiveSplit :
SourceSplit :
SPT Timer :
Speedrun_demorecorder : Ask Maxxuss

“I want to run the game”
Get SourceUnpack if you want to run anything (you don’t need it for glitchless).
Type on google “Portal Speedrun Tutorial”
If you have specific questions about specific elements, ask directly a runner.

SourceRuns have often been a place for memes. I mean it’s as old as SourceRuns, as old as the community.
However I realized that it’s not a good place for memes. The forum should be a place where newbies and experienced players could co-exist.
If you want to talk memes, we have already thousands of good places to talk about AG, the fact that Save Glitch is OoB or that Vault Save is TAS technically.
This became really important since the Portal forums aren’t that clean and we must keep it clean for future generations (this sentence looks weird).

I’ll edit this post if something new is added.
Thanks for reading.

Portal 1 (source unpack, build 5135) Demos from speedrunaddon don't work

This should be sticky.


Great thread - stickied.


Should have called it “Portal Help Desk” or something. On the front page you can’t see from which subforum this thread is.

EDIT: Why not link to the demo record plugin?


lots of questions

Would you consider a simple out of bounds run of Portal (not a mod) a solid project?
Are my sourceruns friends skillful? Can’t Even has an 8:56 oob pb and a 13:43 inbounds pb and TheSunsetBear did literally all of the routing. I haven’t really done anything yet but I used to run portal 2 so my scrolls and strafes are decent, plus I can aim pretty well for peek-a-portals. We’re all really motivated because it’s gonna be the world record for the actual main game portal. Is that considered enough to you?


To Fnzzy: Added my love

What I meant is that making a thread to just say “Hey, I am making a run” is useless


What about a thread asking if anyone wants to help? Because I did that ::slight_smile:


I need help on chamber 11 save glitch route. I’m following Noir’s tutorial. When I try that, I can’t get the first save glitch. Here’s a video on what normally happens when I try that. All help appreciated.


Are you using Steampipe or Unpack? Are you sure you are getting stuck when save glitching? To me it looks like you can still move around and not get stuck at the side of the blue portal. The best way is what Noir is doing. He gets stuck on the side of the Portal (by holding W and A) and then he moves to the left to get behind the Portal (by shortly letting go of W and repressing it when he is in position).


Thanks so much! This will save me a lot of time. +Karma


I have a quick question about why the kill command isnt allowed in portal? What exactly is it preventing?

also, you need to update the post so it says 24* cubes.

does no one know?

I understand its not on the list of allowed commands, but would it be all that bad if I used it?

So the plan is ill just keep using it until I’m told otherwise. seems simple enough.


Sorry about the double post. It’s just been so long since I’ve posted on this that it’s not even relative to my post above. If you want me to move this into the other post I will.

Could anyone explain to me where the pixel shot done in the portal tas is at? I feel like with proper set up it could be rta plausible.


Do you mean the seam shots? You just stand close to the corner and try to aim exactly in-between.


But at what seam is it?


You can see Jukspa briefly show it in his explanation video around 5:30.

Edit: Ok he does a lot of seam shots. There’s another really cool one at 10:50 if that’s the one your looking for. That one is far away so it might require really low sensitivity and extreme precision.


The one at 11:10 is what I wanted. But it doesn’t explain very well where it is. Like. There are so many places he could have shot there. It’s not obvious at all.


There’s a demo showing the two seam shots you can do.

  1. Leads to the fizzler
  2. leads under the elevator. No real use for this yet.
    I also tried doing his strat exactly with under elevator and then to the top of the elevator, but it’s really hard. The last portal he has to shoot is really precise and its while your quantum crouched through a ceiling. That might be for TAS only.

Using the seam shot instead of the quantum crouch might save a few seconds (or more if you constantly get killed by the orb)


Will look later. Thank you.


I keep getting this weird sideways portal glitch every now and then. I only started getting it after I got my new computer. Sometimes when I load a save, a portal will be tilted a little bit. I was wondering if this happens to anyone else. Video

I managed to get a save of this happening if you want to check it out.

Edit: The save file is for Portal, not HL2DP.


Might be this?