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Why is this not used in Oob?


Thats exactly what happens. I started experimenting with it for a little, and found nothing useful. Everything in the game acts as if it were all normal. You cant go oob at all. The second that you try to go oob, you end up on the other side of the portal. Almost as if there were two types of portals: The one you see, and the one that you collide with.


Could you theoretically use it for an easier isg? It seems like that would be the case.

I think the portal not allowing you to leave inbounds is not because of your theory but because of the reason pqr works. The game just wants you inside of it, nothing more complicated than that. And when you pass through the portal it prevents you from going Oob by moving you inbounds.

I may be talking out my ass though, I havnt tested it and actually don’t really feel like it at the moment.


I was thinking the same thing, but if it were true, you would be able to push objects oob, because PQR doesn’t work on objects as far as I know.

As for ISG, the closest thing I have got to actvating ISG with this was pushing an object inside of a cube. The object immediately flew out. Unless you have a use for pushing objects inside of cubes, this glitch has no use.


So much for that idea. I’d still like to tinker with it some though.

What happens if you save glitch on a portal angled like that/with a portal angled like that?


Save glitch isn’t affected by it. The only thing that is affected is how the portal looks.


awh. Damn.