Phase 2 map times


[font=Courier]]Map…Time (ph1)…Runner (ph1)…Time (ph2)…Runner (ph2)…Time saved

ep1_citadel_01…2:56suga2:41cRZYFST + inex0:15
ep1_citadel_03…5:50suga4:45typical + crzy + inex1:05
ep1_c17_00a…3:06suga3:03CooL + typical0:03
ep1_c17_02…2:16suga1:14typical + inex1:02
ep1_c17_06…2:28suga1:37typical + Foxtreme0:51


SDA segmentation penalty for 17 extra segments: 17 * 0.5s = 8.5s
Total time: 35:40

[ul][li]The phase 1 demo of ep1_citadel_00 was started 6 seconds later than the phase 2 demo! Also, we gain control of the character 32 seconds into our demo, hence the effective segment time is 2:48 even though the demo itself runs 3:20[/li]
[li]Therefore, the improvement on citadel_00 compared to the phase 1 time is: 7:50 + 0:06 - 0:32 - 6:47 = 0:37[/li]
[li]Accordingly, the overall time saved is: 47:06 + 0:06 - 0:32 - 35:31 = 11:09[/li][/ul]


Very well done. Thanks a lot. I have a spreadsheet for this and I’ll update it accordingly. It lets me work out a percentage of the run. Of course I could do it with raw numbers, but it’s easier for me this way :P. If we get a 7:31 time for citadel_00, we’ll be roughly 16% through the game already, due to how FUCKING LONG that map is.


We officially finished citadel_00. Demo in the time table. Note that the phase 1 demo starts 6 seconds after ours from phase 2. That’s why the effective improvement upon phase 1 is 37 seconds.


citadel_01 officially finished. The time is 2:41 and it’s a cooperation between inex and me. Demos and savegame for citadel_02 in the first post!


Also, I noticed from my spreadsheet, we are now officially 20% through the project (Time-wise). That first map put us very far, due to it being so long.Obviously smaller maps will take just as long, but hey, it’s a nice milestone. I think we’re officially about 21.4% through :slight_smile:


Hey Niklas, next chance you get, can you update the phase 2 times? Typical got 1:13, and we’re done with ep1_citadel_02. It was one segment, just Typical, a saving of 12 seconds, which is pretty insane on such a short map.


Guess we should wait until the save issue is sorted out. I’m against using a save that’s similar to the original one cause it’ll look bad in the final video. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Maybe someone else got the same time with the correct save by then.


Hopefully, if done right, it won’t be similar, it’ll be the same. The only thing we really have to worry about getting right is the position and obviously the place we’re looking (Though I suspect that doesn’t matter, as in most maps, while it’s loading I move my mouse so I start looking a different direction so I can get speed quicker). I’ll have a mess around. If I can’t manage to get it right, then obviously we’ll just have to run it again.


ep1_citadel_02 and ep1_citadel_02b added!


Yay! 02b done. If we haven’t made the decision to move on already you got my vote. 03 is going to be awesome.


ep1_citadel_03 officially done! the run contains 5 segments, again in a collaborative effort between typical, me, and inexistence.


Awesome. On we go.


ep1_citadel_04 done. 1 segment, 2:47 by niklas/crzyfst/foust. SO LONG CITADEL.


nvm me :>


ep1_c17_00 added! someone check my arithmetic, i’m sleep deprived :E


Sorry for the delay. c17_01 done by inexistence in two segments is now up.


Hurray. Progression.


Whoop whoop :)Also, my spreadsheet was messing up due to the first map starting late, so I think I just added 6 seconds to the Phase 1 time, it simplifies everything much more. The SDA topic reflects that too if you want to see it.


Hey there, I updated the map table again. Fell behind by two maps already! Anyway, typical’s segment of c17_02 can’t be downloaded from filefront anymore. If someone uploads it again, I’ll add the correct archive to the table.


Yay Niklas :smiley: Typical’s 41s