Phase 2 map times


This needs updating for ep1_c17_02a if you get chance Niklas. And come back, we miss you D:EDIT: On, and c17_05 too.


Done! Sorry I haven’t been around at all. I just had (and still have) way too much work to do at school. Good thing is I haven’t seen half the demos you guys produced since I stopped running, so I’ll actually have something to look forward to once the video is out. Speaking of which, are you guys already working on this? I’d like to see it as soon as you decide _06 is done!My exams end March 30, so if anyone’s up for an EP2 run or something else then, I guess I’ll have a little more time again. Cheers :>


I’m not sure what’s happening with the video to be honest. RandomEngy might be doing it as we go along, or maybe he’s just planning to do it all in one go. Who knows ^_^. Cheers for updating the list, and we’ll probably be a little ways through the ep2 run by then, but certainly enough for you to run it a lot with us :slight_smile:

#24…YPICAL_1m2s.rarReturn of the segment.


Aight, final time-table is up. Click the total time to get an archive with all the run’s demos. Enjoy!


Amazing job! I’ll be waiting for a high-quality encode to watch this run in all its glory. :slight_smile:


I updated all of the map topics and this topic’s first post so it has all of the formatting it had before. Much nicer this way, I must say :slight_smile:


Shouldn’t we sticky this?


Cleaned it up a bit further. Is it supposed to be that way that links aren’t highlighted?

Makes it kinda hard to understand the times in the table are links to the demos, doesn’t it? Also, why are the quotes from the old hl2dq forums all messed up?


I’m thinking the script Fox used to transfer the posts just copied the text in them and transferred them over, rather than copying the html in them and transferring that, so there are no line breaks, or urls and stuff like that. Just my guess.


Links are highlighted now. Old links are broken, but they can be fixed easily. Anyway doesn’t exist anymore :frowning: