Phase 1 map times


Map name…Time (Phase 1)…Runnerep1_citadel_00…7:50?..CaLeB-ep1_citadel_01…2:56sugaep1_citadel_02…1:25Takiataep1_citadel_02b…1:58sugaep1_citadel_03…5:50sugaep1_citadel_04…3:05sugaep1_c17_00…3:13sugaep1_c17_00a…3:06sugaep1_c17_01…3:22sugaep1_c17_02…2:16sugaep1_c17_02b…0:26sugaep1_c17_02a…4:12sugaep1_c17_05…4:59sugaep1_c17_06…2:28sugaTotal time…47:06




Nice job. I’m gonna go watch them all right now.Edit: Nice, i like the skips on c17_06. Very nice overall. And now, we start to refine. :slight_smile:


I had made the table before I found out there was one by suga. :PSo thanks for the demo links and stuff. Hopefully this will speed things up…


QUOTE I had made the table before I found out there was one by suga.:Pnew record (26s) for ep1_c17_02b.…2b_suga_26s.rar


Good job guys, seems your getting some work done! :lol:


HL2:E1 done suga’d





QUOTE (bandit5k @ Oct 12 2006, 08:39 PM)Guess who’s back, bitches! ;)I finally remembered the stuff to my account and things, so I’m actually posting as me. I’ve quit World of Warcraft. Spent a little time learning the basics of video editing. Got the trial to do with the crazy ass american that tried to blow me up mid HL2:DQ Project over with. And I’m ready to go. :DCurrently just reinstalling HL2:EP1.HugglesPost retracted. Ep1 is still buggy as hell when recording.Damn, thought Valve were actually competent for a moment.


This sucks. Episode 2 will come out before ep 1 is done being speedran. :o


perhaps not? :stuck_out_tongue:Half-Life 2: Episode Two Slips Again! (HL Fallout)


Oh my god, you’re shitting me…I thought we might finally get a game that came out when it was supposed to…BTW, if you want a laugh, go to and read the first comic. It’s pretty funny :smiley:


I just can’t wait when the HL2:EP1 donequick is ready :slight_smile:


Who can?BTW, good work suga!


I bet everybody’s hands are shaking of enthusiasm so they cannot run properly. That’s why it takes so long.


HahahahaWell, I’m thinking about buying Ep1 because my pirated copy is fucking gay…Anyway, once I do, I might start speedrunning, but I generally suck at games so I doubt i’d do very well… I do have past experience in analyzing games for ages trying to find glitches though :smiley:


I have a couple of questions (note that I can’t play EP1):1. Are these demos good enough to be converted to a run? Any major improvements available?2. Should we find somebody to convert these demos into a movie? Even if this won’t be sent to SDA?3. (most important) How bad is the recording bug with the NPCs? Does it look really bad? Could somebody please post a video sample of this? Just Fraps the bug and make a quick video maybe? (I would really like to know how bad it is).And if it prevents us from creating a movie.^basically I’m wondering if anything will happen with these demos now…Any response on these demos is grateful :slight_smile:


Seeing as how this project seems to be dead, I’ll go ahead and convert the demos as they are into a movie. I’ll get started on it this week.I was really entertained by the run of Ep1, even if it’s not as technically amazing as HL2DQ, it’s still pretty freakin’ good.—CylertUpdate - I created a sample (24MB xvid, no audio) to demonstrate the quality, or lack thereof. Don’t worry, the final version will have sound. Also, I’ll remove the black border around the video.The only smoothing I used was cl_smooth 1, plus a deinterlace filter on the captured video. Still, the playback looks pretty choppy. I used the S-Video out of my video card, and captured it to a Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge.I don’t know of a way to make the NPCs look any better, but I welcome any advice. I looked through the “Making Final Video Tips” thread, but didn’t see anything that helps smooth out the choppy playback. I wish RandomEngy was around, he did a beautiful job capturing HL2DQ. I plan to capture the entire run tomorrow (Wednesday).


Interesting…heh.Hopefully Ep2 will be good. Looks good - nice and open terrain for extreme hl2 hopping