Phase 1 map times


The video for Phase 1 is available.Phase 1 video thread


How much do you think could be saved in Phase 2, if people are interested in running it now that demo recording is fixed?


Im gonna take an estimated guess at about a minimum of 3 minutes. I looked briefly through phase 1 again, and there are a bunch of parts where people just slow up, or are waiting for Alyx, or just general bunny hopping. Idk, i think a bunch of the parts could still be optimized. Basically, the way things are done here are almost on a TAS level of workmanship, so i could see this being faster.


Are you still working on Episode One?And does ABH work for Episode One too?



is there a way to make it record a demo as soon as you load your game?



I would personally just type in the console “stop; record whatEver; load saveGame”.Just make sure you don’t record using the same demoname twice, assuming you want to keep the demo.


That was awesome! Good job!Really looking forward to EP2.


I’m interested in restarting Phase 2 for Episode 1. It’s too great of a game not to have a speedrun and I think this forum really needs a kickstart. It might be fruitless trying to do this, but please everyone get some enthusiasm and I know we can kick arse with this speedrun. Anyone up for it? I’m gonna try and get hold of DemonStrate, Chomp, suga or just anyone I possibly can who was running before. I want this to succeed guys. Anyone willing?


For if this ever picks up, I’m working a lot on running ep1_c17_01, and I’ve improved on suga’s time by about 20 seconds. Well, almost. I’m slower at pretty much all of it by maybe 2 seconds, but as soon as wallclimbing comes into it, I get over the first wall about 5 seconds earlier, and then the second wall I climb up and then basically slide along the entire thing to get straight onto the roof.I timed it and I improved at that point to be about 19 or 20 seconds in front of suga. Unfortunately, I completely failed the collision boost off the ramp and didn’t pick it up, so I completely lost all of the time. But still, I’m working on it and enjoying this and I think we can really improve this for a final version.


To make this a triple post, I recorded demos and I’ve managed to cut down ep1_c17_01 to 2 mins, 45 seconds. I split it into two segments, because that collision boost is just too hard to get down on the rare occasion I manage a fast enough run through everything else.I know this has little effect on anything, but I’m quite proud of it.StreamFirst DemoSecond Demo


I quote my commentary for phase one from “Routes & tricks” thread here, just in case if you guys missed it. Most of the links are broken.QUOTE ok, i finally fixed my sound looping crash by uninstalling anti-virus software so i decided to try running ep1. i ran like crazy within the last few days and got phase 1 time for all maps combined with Takiata’s are the results:ep1_citadel_00…7m55s…Takiata…demoep1_citadel_01…2m56s…suga…demoep1_citadel_02…1m25s…Takiata…demoep1_citadel_02b…1m58s…suga…demoep1_citadel_03…5m50s…suga…demoep1_citadel_04…3m05s…suga…demoep1_c17_00…3m13s…suga…demoep1_c17_00a…3m06s…suga…demoep1_c17_01…3m22s…suga…demoep1_c17_02…2m16s…suga…demoep1_c17_02b…45s…suga…demoep1_c17_02a…4m12s…suga…demoep1_c17_05…4m59s…suga…demoep1_c17_06…2m28s…suga…demoTotal time…47m30sso here it is, EP1DQ TTB: 47m30s! :Pobviously there is some sloppy moment from time to time since i rushed through them, and i also could have missed some shortcuts. and there are some parts which i’m yet not sure how to deal with. but at least we have something to aim :)here are comments.ep1_citadel_01:that Chomp’s jump is freaking hard :frowning: but after that it’s a fairly easy level if Alyx gets teleported to the “red room” properly.i didn’t do it in the demo, but you can grab the super gravity gun and move forward as soon as the forcefields are off.ep1_citadel_02b:boring level. you should hit the stalker as soon as he becomes vulnerable.ep1_citadel_03:executed as you guys planned :slight_smile: fun level if not for the long ass Alyx dialogue :/i don’t know why i did it but it’s not necessary to split segment one and two. but in phase 2, we might want to use three segments to optimize the run.i found that you can bhop to the center without activating the bridge (demo). this one needs luck though so we might want an additional segment for it.i couldn’t ladderjump in the center because if i record demos throughout the map, fps drops horribly there and the script doesn’t work properly :confused: we might need someone who has an uber comp to run this segment.ep1_citadel_04:easy level. turn the rollermines to friendly and kill the guards as soon as possible.i forgot to speedcrowl in the train.ep1_c17_00:in the first half of the map, i didn’t take care of enemies and just ran through them, but Alyx eventually gets to the train if you wait at there. i could make her appear faster than in this demo but it’s random. we may need to experiment what enemy should we kill and what not, to make her move quickly.i think it’s possible to gather all the items in the power room while Alyx is talking if you can make it quick.after the train, you just run to the end of the map because Alyx teleports at the mapchange.ep1_c17_00a:the elevator starts to move once you turn on the power whether or not Alyx is there. so just run and turn on the power as quick as should gather more items than i did in the demo but i just made it sure Alyx won’t get killed.ep1_c17_01:i’m not sure but it could be possible to wallclimb here (pic) in one sitting.i gravjumped off the large metal pallet at the barricade but you should just rampjump like Chomp did (demo). i just wanted to do the map in one segment.ep1_c17_02:i could make the barrels at the end blow quicker by shooting at them.also i could grab hopper mine faster by setting off it first.ep1_c17_02b:Pincus mentioned you can rampjump up to the hospital. i could make it using mortarjump (demo) but don’t know how without it.ep1_c17_02a:part1 - i hated that gunship fight even for normal play and it’s just a pain for speedrun.part2&3 - the hardest part is to keep Alyx alive. that multiple gravjump in the water room came from Insane’s idea :)part4 - she just can’t shoot or move once she drops in this room, so i had to kill all the zombies there :confused: don’t know where she turned to this mode, so we should find a way to keep her normal maybe. i ran this part rather safely but you should focus on speed more in the final run.ep1_c17_05:we might be able to make the first wave faster by teleporting Barney.i just ignored combines but it might be faster if i killed some of them.there must be a better and faster way to deal with the APC.sometimes the white combine that shoot an orb at the train doesn’t spawn as seen in this demo. don’t know how to reproduce it.update (Aug 24) - saved a bunch by killing the white combine before he shoots the orb at the train. i tried to figure out how to not let him spawn, but it’s unnecessary anyway. this map is so damn random because of npcs stucking everywhere. that thrown up by a scanner in part 1 was an accident btw :)(obsolete demo)ep1_c17_06:Pincus said you can bypass the forcefield. no idea how to.we should use the fastrocket (demo) in the final run.ok, that’s it.we still need planning for some maps, so speak up if you have any ideas :slight_smile:


suga, you knooowww you want to run with us :slight_smile:


Breaking the forcefield near the end. You sure about that?


Heh, maybe I’ll try if you guys got stuck on some map for long but you are doing great so far and it seems there’s no room for me :stuck_out_tongue: Oh and my skill is very rusty because I haven’t played fps seriously for about two years.I couldn’t figure out about the forcefield. Only Pincus knows but he’s missing :frowning: He said he could wallclimb on it if I remember correctly.


There’s always room for people, we invite anyone who wants to run with us :D.And about the forcefield, is there not a clip above you that stops you going over the forcefield until Alyx deactivates it?


Yeah… but these things usually have holes in them. I’m looking at you crashed train with nothing except an Alyx joke in it!


I’ve checked, and I can’t find a single hole in it. Seems totally packed tight. I noclipped above it and walked over the entire thing multiple times and at no point did I fall.However, I did find a sexy little teleport you can do at the last map. When Alyx drops from the ledge after opening those doors, if you get her right at the start, you can teleport her to the top of the stairs. I think it saves time :slight_smile:


That’s cool I guess. But it would be a pretty good skip if you could get out of that box somehow. :slight_smile: