Older version of Half-Life 2?


Hey everybody. So almost a couple years ago now I was working on a Half-Life 2 single segment run, but my computer started crapping out on me so I was never able to finish it. I bought a fancy new one recently and downloaded Half-Life 2 again, only to discover that bunnyhopping has been replaced with ABH. I don’t suppose it’s possible to get a pre-update version of HL2 anywhere, would it? Sorry if this has been asked before. I searched around the forums for a bit and saw that it was discussed, but I couldn’t find any mention of a pre-update version up for grabs.

For those who are wondering, my time was looking to be around 1:42:00ish, if I remember correctly.


A link file for older hl2 version

Hmm. Doxliy’s version may still work. He made a preupdate patch either when hl2dq were running, or when it was done, so that it could be recorded, as an update broke that. I’ll have a search around the archives, see if I can find a working link…


Yes, I found one a while back so there is a link around.


Pretty sure that Cool also has a preupdate but I’m not sure whether he’s uploaded it anywhere. I’ll try and get a hold of him.


Why don’t you just download it? That’s what I did, got it in like half an hour and it worked perfectly.

EDIT: Or are you looking for the exact same version so you can use your old demos? In that case, never mind the comment.


Does anyone have a theory if the new patched HL2 with ABH ect, would be faster than the current HL2DQ?


I never got around to recording any demos. What version did you download and from where?

Thanks for replying, everybody. I hope CooL or someone does have a working link. As for HL2 being faster with ABH, if you could figure out how to fly, then yes. It wouldn’t blow the current run out of the water, but it would take a good couple minutes off of it. I personally don’t like ABH though. I liked the old bunnyhopping far more. I like the original HL bunnyhop the most though :slight_smile:

Say, that reminds me. quad, what version of HL do you play? I just got my copy back but I need the v. patch so I can use the old HLSP bunny that’s on SDA. You wouldn’t happen to have a working link laying aroudn, would you?


www.ThePirateBay.org is your best friend. Yeah that’s right, fuck google. 8)

Nah but in all seriousness… I don’t really know what version it is but I don’t think any of the versions that are put up on tpb are the ABH ones. Just look for the one with the most seeders and you’re on your way!


Slynk, you don’t need in order to use hlspbunny, it works with any HL version.
I’m using version, protocol 47. I see no reason not to use a steam version now when the freeze-bug is solved. Demo recording works flawless. Protocol 48 are the current steam version, i use protocol 47, the first steam release, because it have faster loadings, some old scripting methods still work, and i get rid of the steam community.

I’d recommend rofi’s hlspbunny 4.2r with numerous fixes.

Features: - removed the jumping speed cap - disabled TriggerSave entities - gauss charge is kept during level transitions - "autorecord" command: starts recording a demo to date-time-map.dem (eg 2004_06_19-16_22_49-c4a1.dem) - "sv_autorecord" variable: if set to 1, it automatically starts recording a demo after loading a savegame, with the name format of the "autorecord" command. If set to anything but 0 and 1, the demo name used is the value. (eg sv_autorecord C4a1run) - [4.1r] ammo counter is no longer resetting when starting a demo record - [4.2r] fixed view not moving when moving mouse very slowly - [4.2r] fixed red highlight in scoretable when playing online - [4.2r] new cvar "sv_autosave": now mod can be used for general SP gaming too (with autosaves)

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Mar 7, 2011


Hey hey, I do have the preupdate version of HL2, but I can’t upload it until tomorrow, work sucks.


There is my “preupdate” of HL2 that was used at original HL2DQ (5 years ago !)

No idea if it works for current HL2, too lazy to check it out.

grandpa Ahh so good old days…
That was hot 2005 summer day when i bought legal HL2, then updated all these steam shit with my 18.8kbit dialup modem. Then accidently i found hl2dq.net and started to watch their progress, and was very impressed with their speeds since i spent a week to walkthrough the game. Every day i ran to my house to download fresh demo and enjoy watching coast levels, i even got wind in my ears from their super-fast speeds. And then… it happened. I was so freaked out, so started to find way to make it work. At these times i was using steam emulator to play some steam games i haven’t bought, and that emulator was very not user-friendly. All settings you had to write in text file, and i knew how to start HL2 with no steam. All I needed was unupdated game files. I took a phone and started to call to friend of mine and then asked him if he played HL2 or CS:S recently. He said he haven’t, then i shouted DONT FUKIN START STEAM !!. I grabbed my old IDE HDD and ran to friend’s house. Later i spent all night to figure out which files i got to take. Of course i could upload the whole HL2 folder, but it could get a year with my modem. Anyway, all went fine. And HL2DQ was done.


Love a good bit of history.


Hmm, I got an error message when I tried opening that version of HL2:


MountAppFilesystem() failed: Failed to open GCF archive: “C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\source engine.gcf”, make sure it’s available and decrypted.

What am I missing here?


Was steam opened when you tried to run it?


I tried it with steam on and off with no luck.


Uploading now.


Any news?


The man’s waited a fair while Jared :stuck_out_tongue:


Shit, forgot to link it once it finished, derp. Re-uploading as we speak…


No problem. I’m patient :smiley: