Old hl2 2004 engine


Hello, I have been interested in speedruns (on my old pc i made 3:02:38 hl2) I bought HL2 from orangebox and I cant in this new engine make bhops as i well i was making in 2004 base. I dont know how to good make ABH so i’ve got one question: can i get the old 2004 hl2 base that i can play on my new hl2? It can be just mod or “cracked hl2” i just want to get old base.


Get the HL2 Old Engine Unpack 2.0

It’s not the oldest version (4044 as opposed to 2707), but I it is effectively the same with forward bhop. Message Bitrain and he might be able to get you an even older version.


Thanks, i feel awsome to play good old hl2


Join the discord chat and you can easily message anyone there to get it faster.
I would give it to you but I am not sure if I am obligated.