Old engine patch for episode 1 and 2?


I was wondering if there was an OE patch for HL2 episode 1 and 2.


The episodic unpack is v4104, or are you after something older than that?


I was looking for the original release patch version so I could bunnyhop.


Anyhow, the files you linked cannot download since I get a file missing error whenever I try.


Disregard that. I misread the version number. I don’t think 4104 has bhopping. Episode 2 particularly I don’t think ever did.


E2 has ABH, which I can live with. Anyhow, yeah, I’d like a link to the original/old releases of e1 and 2


Sorry to say but, I have been searching for the past few months for any way to get HL2 EP1 on the OE but the truth is no one owns it anymore. There used to be an old mod but that has been removed. There is a download I can send you with HL2 EP1 on OE but it doesn’t work and when I load it up it comes up with an error and crashes.


And just download Source Unpack for the oldest version of EP2


It crashes everytime I run it.


It shows up as “HALF LIFE” on my Steam library and crashes at the loading screen, and only loads episode 2


Don’t put it into your steam folder as a mod. The only Source Unpack that is in the form of a mod is Half-Life 2 4044.


So where do I put it? Sorry for being pushy, just really want to speedrun e1 and e2.


You should just be able to extract it anywhere and there should be a batch file to launch it. I meant to download it the other day and test but my download kept failing.


Not working either. Just refuses to run the batch file.


Ok. On the weekend I’ll try download a fresh copy and see what I need to do to get it to work


Thank you man. Hope it goes well.


I grabbed the latest Episodic Unpack from the forum thread and it all extracted it to a folder on my desktop and it ran fine. Steam did need to be running though. If you’re not getting any errors though I’m not sure where else to start looking.

Maybe try opening a command prompt in the folder you extracted it to (Open the folder and type cmd into the explorer address bar) and run these commands:

echo 380 > steam_appid.txt
hl2.exe -game episodic -novid -console -window 

And see if there is anything output/logged there.


It’s running now, however, the source unpack doesn’t seem to be what I’m looking for. I’m looking for an old version, preferably the original Orange Box release, that allows me to bunnyhop and prop-fly.


v4044 is the oldest Half-Life 2 version with those features, which is available on the unpack page.

@Centaurium may have an old copy of ep1 with those features, so we’ll need to see what he comes back with.

Episode 2 never had any of those features, unfortunately.


The only reason I’m being persistent is because a popular Youtuber made videos with the old versions of episode 1 and 2 and showed off his speedrunning skills.