New segmented run (OoB)


How else do you think we saved over 5 seconds on ch8 :3


Is it possible to launch off of a camera while quantum crouched? In theory you could preserve a camera from 18 into 19, gain speed with it, launch into the sloped part and go straight up while quantum crouched, and fire straight to the end.

That would probably be obnoxiously difficult and I don’t know how you’d get the camera to the end.


Frosty, you are insane. That has to be the most awesome-looking-sounding thing I have ever read XD


By the way, do you think there will be any sneak preview demos? I want to experience the mind-numbing-ness of this run! ;D If not, then keep escaping!

edit remind me to stop double posting :3


There will be a trailer eventually


I found an interesting Reddit post about glitching props so that they go through walls.

I don’t know if this will help, but this means that props are now able to be taken Oob


Well, it was one of us who posted that thread, lol.


I dun goof’d


Yeah a lot of people in the portal community is messing around with it.
It’s called Item save glitch and is actually old but Margen67 just recently found a way to get it consistently.

The thing about Item save glitch is that it affects the whole game, not just the current save or map, every single prop is messed up until you restart the game. So using it in a speedrun is really sketchy, especially a segmented one.

Imo, the only way it would be allowed is if you get it at some point during the run and have it activated for the rest of the run. This would make a lot of tricks impossible and I don’t actually know where it could be useful so it’s most likely not going to be used in this run.


Well, I know the Portal 2 segmented run has some restarts in the middle of it, at least according to the time sheet (IIRC).


Portal Done Inbounds was spliced in multiple parts too but that isn’t the issue. The problem in using it in one segment and then immediately turning it off is something that couldn’t be done in a normal SS/RTA run(you’d need to close your game, plus you’d actually have to get the glitch). The idea of a speedrun is that everything you do should be doable with a fresh install of the game, no playing beforehand.

If you get the glitch in a segment then you should continue using it to the end, but getting it outside of a segment then using it in one and immediately not using it in the following segment seems really sketchy,


What I meant was that they had to close their game between two segments in order to cancel a glitch. Of course you wouldn’t just do an arbitrary segment with a glitch enabled without getting the glitch in a previous segment.


Sub 7 hype.




The spreadsheet looks amazing. #Sub7Hype


You haven’t seen the EP1DQer one. Kappa




is the dream dead? :(. i sort of know the answer but i’d really like to know if you guys are seriously considering fixing a couple of chambers/redoing the entire thing. it would really suck to see all of the hard work you guys put in go to waste.


As far as I know there’s this stupid thing in the beginning that is random and no one can get it but people think that it’s possible.


There’s a new strat in 02/03 that saves about a second and we can’t really splice it until 09 so we’re probably gonna redo a lot.