New segmented run (OoB)


There’s a new segmented run in the works!

Imanex and I started working on it in April 2014. We’re curretly redoing most chambers because of improved routes.

The sub 7 minutes goal has been met! (current projected time is 6:59.43)
The name is still being decided on, ‘Portal Done Por-er’ is what we’re calling it for now but it feels too similar to the names of the previous runs.


We got some ridiculous new strats so hopefully people will enjoy it :smiley:

List of people working on the run:


This run is going to be sick. Save glitch is OoB


Portal Done Pro-est? :>


Pretty excited with how this run is going =)


So much hype! I can’t wait to see this run completed! Even the times look awesome (Chamber 10 :smiley: )


Sorry for being ignorant, but what’s Portal done Por?



I also made a shortened Por link so I can share it with people:


what a silly name


I have a funny name for the run. Portal Done Pro-perly


There was one segmented run of Portal called Portal Done Proper so I think that’s too similar. I think it should be just called Portal in 6:xx(whatever ends up being the final time).


I liked Arianon’s ‘Portal Done Pro-est’ idea, reminds me of Quake Done Quickest and seeing as this run seems like it will optimize the game completely I think it would suit it.


Portal Done Pro-est might be a good name.

We’re done redoing 13 and 14 and saved nearly 2 seconds thank to cameras! Current projected time is 7:03.91.

We also have some new really, really fast strats that will save quite a bit of time, I can at least assure you that sub 7 will happen. :wink:




Wait, do you actually not save glitch on 2/3 or is that just a typo?


We skip the saveglitch by doing a seam shot.


Ahh sorry about that. I did try to reupload but youtube hates the video, so Ill need to get YaLTeR to cut the end song off. Ill work to get it reuploaded later.


Ahaha thats really cool. Thanks for that =)


Seam shot in 2/3 is actually a thing? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
Also, that’s great you’re re-uploading it; now I don’t have to persuade people to actually download it lol


By the way, I had an idea for a strat but I don’t know whether it saves time or even whether you’re already doing it :stuck_out_tongue: Basically, preserve the camera from chamber 4 through chamber 6 and into 8, and then camera launch across 8. Is this possible?