Movies game !


Hey guys !

I’ve got something i want to try on the forums, i used to do that on other forums and i had lots of fun.

The concept is simple : It’s a movies guess game : You post a screenshot from a movie (not a too easy to identify one) and we have to find the name of the movie.
The 1st one who finds the name wins 1 point and has to post a screenshot from ANOTHER film and it continues like that.

After every good answer, the guy who posted the screenshot has to announce the nickname of the winner and write the leaderboard under it so we can keep track of it.

If you guys are interested, i’ll post the 1st screenshot to show you how it has to be done (how i used to do it tho).


So where is the screenshot? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m interested. Post the screenshot. Also, can it contain nudity?


there are under-aged peoples on the forums. i think not. I wouldnt be hurt by it, but im sure others could be bothered.

also, wheres the screenshot?


I’m sorry, I wasn’t aware you were a moderator.


My apologies. I didn’t intend to come off as sounding empowered. I meant to have that come off as an opinion. If it didn’t I truly am sorry.


There’s naked chicks all over the internet, there is no site that I know of that doesn’t have tits on them, I don’t see why we can’t have nudity from movies on the forum, but unless you’re talking about blatant pornography then that would be against rule 4.

4. And of course, don't do things you wouldn't do on other forums, i.e. porn, gore, whatever.


I feel obligated to comment. But I’m not really sure what to say. I guess I agree with bit rain.


Most of us are mature enough, but put it in spoiler tags if you want


How about we start with the game? Here’s a hard one for ya.


Life of Pi


Better then my guess of batman. Damn.


Maybe DareDevil.


Tip: It’s a horror movie from before 2010.


Maybe Trick 'r Treat?


Another tip, time plays a big part in this movie.


Nightbreed/The strangers or maybe the orphanage?


The movie is from 2009. So to summarize: It is a horror movie from 2009 in which time plays a very big role.

That’s enough tips I think :stuck_out_tongue:


If its Friday the 13th i will do a frontflip. :stuck_out_tongue:


No it’s not. You just have to google Horror Movie 2009 and this guy will appear on one of the covers :pppp