Movies game !


Okay after a bit of searching I can only guess the Collector. It has a deadline in it. (Sorry but it shows results by region and for me as a Hungarian it shows different stuff.)


So I guess this was a little too hard. Since no one answered it yet I will just reveal the movie I chose.

Triangle! It was Triangle. A horror movie where a group of people get trapped on a boat after a storm where they are stuck in a time loop.


Ok. So now who posts the next movie?


i will


I swear I’ve seen it. (I own over 900 movies so im sure I own it as well)


The reflecting skin. Why are these all horror movies? Ill shake things up a bit with a screenshot from my favorite movie.

WARNING: Do not click this is you don’t want to see nudity.
Hint: No the genre is not porn, it’s drama.

[SPOILER] You have been warned a second time. [/SPOILER]


I was expecting tits :’(

I have literally zero idea of what this movie is.


fight club


Right you are. That’s the most recognizable cock on the internet. Your turn.


correct you are my friend


This thread is pretty much dead, so I’ll revive it with an easy one that celebrates today.


Back to the future.
My turn:


Miami Supercops


Post a pic with your response.



21 Jump Street


Maybe startrek? Ambassador Spock?


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?