Mission Improbable


This is a speedrun of a beautiful Half-Life 2: Episode Two mod, done in two takes by execut4ble, igge and YaLTeR.

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The first run was done in 2:52 by execut4ble and igge, before the mod was even finished. It began in December 6th, 2010 and was released in February 26, 2012. Special thanks to RandomEngy for the video work!

Youtube (1080p)

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Map Times
Segment 1 - intro
Segment 2 - igge 0:08
Segment 3 - igge 0:07

Segment 1 - igge 0:16
Segment 2 - eXeC 1:14
Segment 3 - eXeC 0:23
Segment 4 - igge 0:23
Segment 5 - eXeC 0:11
Segment 6 - igge 0:07

Download Phase 2 Demos


On July 30, 2012, the mod developer has released a completely redone version of this mod, together including the last map of the mod.
After some planning and routing, a re-run of the mod (on the latest version) has been started by execut4ble and YaLTeR on November 26, 2012 and finished on June 21, 2013, completed in 4:32.

Youtube (1080p)

No download links.

=== mimp1 ===
01 - eXeC - 46,515s (intro, doesn’t count into the final time)
02 - YaLTeR - 4,365s
03 - YaLTeR - 5,595s
=== mimp_intermission ===
04 - YaLTeR - 6,93s
05 - YaLTeR - 3,375s
06 - YaLTeR - 6,135s
07 - YaLTeR - 13,815s
=== mimp2 ===
08 - eXeC - 5,895s
09 - YaLTeR - 7,95s
10 - YaLTeR - 4,815s
11 - eXeC - 124,45s (2m 4,45s)
12 - eXeC - 18,495s
13 - eXeC - 8,54s
14 - YaLTeR - 8,595s
15 - YaLTeR - 7,74s
16 - YaLTeR - 4,14s
17 - YaLTeR - 10,26s
=== mimp3 ===
18 - YaLTeR - 4,815s
19 - YaLTeR - 20,325s
20 - eXeC - 124,785 (contains outro, which was not counted)



Had never heard of this mod before. It looks pretty damn sweet! Seems awesome for speedrunning as well with many open areas and shortcuts. I’ll definitely have to download it and play through before I watch the speedrun of the second chapter. ;p

But first part looked great. Nice ABHing.


I can’t remember, but Josh knows for sure.

Damn, I might want to attempt a speedrun of this mod myself. The fact that the maps are so open and wide makes them simply perfect for running!

And the mod itself is insanely nice as well. I really like it.


Allright, I will ask him.

You could try to beat my time if you wanna :smiley: Would be nice to see what time would you get :slight_smile:


Slightly improved route (i think), but still pretty much the same. Didn’t really spend much time running it, just basically doing each trick somewhat quickly just to get the hang of the route.

I guess that’ll do for a phase 1 run of the first map. 8)


Nice, thats maybe faster, but I found a cool thing - when you ABH over the bridge there is a little house and supply box near it. You can grab that box and Wallclimb to the road, and you will be at the end of Chapter 1 :stuck_out_tongue: (If you are using Updated version with part2 or else triggers wont react)

So, should we re-run this too if we manage to make it faster? :slight_smile:


Omg, nice! That’ll save a ton of time!

Perhaps, if we’re really lucky, you can abh straight down from the stairs, and then just keep going straight instead of turning at the bridge, then wallclimb up to the road (if you dont hit the water or some kill switch before that). I’ll definitely try some of that later today. Like this img

I don’t think we have to do a complete re-run right now though. Let’s find the best route for chapter 2 first, then we re-run everything perfectly from scratch.

But yeah, that shortcut is insanely nice!




My words after watching that.

Holy mother of fuck.


You will never be able to replicate that :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve done it 3 times ;D 2 of the times, however, I landed too early and had to walk around an invisible wall on the bridge. It’s not that hard to get over, really. The hard thing is doing it perfectly. ;D


The 3rd demo looked pretty much like _try1. I noticed now that I failed with the ABHing in both of these, but it’s definitely possible to keep the speed from the start as well.

Yeah those things are pretty damn annoying. And the car as well.


Fuck me! This is almost phase 2 material! ;D

Demo and save. I think we can move on with this segment, at least for phase 1, unless you’ve found a faster or better way to land or so, exec?




A bit more sloppy, but 83 hp in the end (Btw I just realized I only picked up 1 of the 2 health packs in the crate in my other demo). I also forgot to click mouse3 for a second in the end, so I stand still for some time. :smiley: Anyway, I think it’s good enough for phase 1, and we are definitely gonna need the extra hp.

I tried playing the indoor part, but didn’t find any real skips. I tried wallclimbing and abh boosting on a barrel to get over the fence, but the hole is too narrow. By “the fence” I mean the part where you have to go get the handle for the jack. It is possible though just to speedrun down, get the handle and get back up without losing any HP to the barnacles or the poison headcrab zombie.

So basically I haven’t found any skips inside whatsoever. I was thinking of wallclimbing over the wall into the encampment, but just abhing up the hill and waiting for a couple of seconds is faster than bringing a barrel and climbing over.

I think the part after the indoor part will be the hardest of the entire run, easily. I don’t really know how we’re gonna manage to speedrun this part and survive really. Perhaps we can wallclimb up on the mountain to the left and ABH there? I’ll definitely need to try that.

Anyway, I say we move on to segment 2, which will be something like the door into “indoors” -> somewhere in the escape tunnel. Unless we find some hard skip somewhere in between, of course.

Sorry for the wall of text.



Segment 2 (indoor part) in 140s

I was lucky to avoid those barnacles :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. two demos and two savegames - just incase I fail something.

I think the part after the indoor part will be the hardest of the entire run, easily. I don't really know how we're gonna manage to speedrun this part and survive really. Perhaps we can wallclimb up on the mountain to the left and ABH there? I'll definitely need to try that.

Maybe we could get speed doing ABH without climbing anywhere, and just make a huge longjump and fly over the forest?


Nice. Looks pretty much identical to mine. The only thing I can think of is try to grab the health pack to the right of the ladder. We’ll need as much HP as possible for the upcoming parts.

We’ll definitely try that! ABHing and getting some massive boost would be the ideal way to skip that part I guess. Though that mounted gun is pretty damn accurate, and the Combine down on the ground aim pretty well as well. For instance, I was hit several times in the air by that single combine when attempting the skip in mimp2_seg1.

I think 2 segments for the indoor part is good, but I think we should end the last segment immediately when we get out (when you’ve passed the 2 combine before the stairs). That way the next segment can focus only on the ABH/wallclimb part.


In case some sick abh boost straight across isn’t possible, I guess we’ll have to use this route. More information in the description.


So, are we gonna move to Segment 4 now?


I haven’t really gotten a good third segment yet. If possible I would like to get an ABH in the first vent, but im not sure how hard that would be, if possible at all. Also, I guess since this is just phase 1 we don’t really have to do things like that right now.

Also, I haven’t managed to get a good third segment either; I always lose a lot of hp. Especially to the combine. Perhaps we could use the smg nade here, *if *we don’t need it in the future.

Or have you found a way to get to the outdoors part quickly and without losing much hp at all?


I understand your internet died, and I have to go so I made this post quickly.

Check out my demo. I mess up a bit here and there but the idea is we can’t just wait around for the elevator - we have to kill the hunters


But now I have to go, bye. 8)


My internet wasnt gone, I just accidently exit Steam instead exit AHK (lol)

Anyway, heres the Segment 2 and Segment 3 (143seconds with 89HP to outside fencedoors)