Missing crates and Alyx not spawning

okey so i recently formatted my pc and attempted 2 speedruns only to find out that items were missing as well as alyx. vids below will show where. I tried removing every single half-life 2 file and reinstalling but still the same issue.

I am using Source Unpack and launching with the batch file in the directory.

normal Half-Life 2 seems to be fine with no missing items but I dont really want to run that version cause of long loading screens.

I donno if other maps are missing stuff since i cant really continue the speedrun but up until prison_07 it looks fine.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGgAS36u-nU&feature=youtu.be (missing crates)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vh939IzKESA&feature=youtu.be (alyx is suppose to pop up behind you here and help out etc, she’s not)

You have the right version? Since that used to be a real problem. (People used to actually copy maps over lol)

Try to update your maps: https://mega.nz/#!r0MFhD5J!nXbMw1djHTOA3G6f01-utxMfFfIXBRFDoycb7Wix7A4

Well I did download the source unpack from speedrun.com resource page. version is 2.0…
This is also the version and download ive used every single time i speedrun Hl2, and this is the first time something wierd like this has happened.

tried and the crates are still missing :confused:

Alyx not spawning in prison_08 happens in older versions so either you do save deletion on that map to get her to spawn or you do the cutscene skip. Optionally you can also use the steam version which has the version of the map where she spawns. Not completely sure about the supply crates, but those might be only there in the steam version.

I find it very wierd that Source Unpack has that, especially since i’ve used the same download every time and never had these issues… but yeah I guess I just have to deal with it and use save deletion, than you for the tip:)

also, maxam1337 actually sent me his prison_08 map but it still didnt work, stuff missing so yeah im really confused about this…

Have you tried this version of Source Unpack? It should be working.

I’m confused as well. The map I sent was prison_06 but you should disregard that completely as I don’t have the maps you’re looking for.

Not too long ago a new rule was implemented to not combine maps from different versions but as far as I know runners haven’t changed this at all, or at least not so it makes any noticeable difference? I got ghosting mod with source unpack 2.3 and as far as I know, I have the same maps I did four months ago.

I don’t even know what versions these maps come from and how many versions there are of each map. As I understand it, me and Nyu must be playing on completely different versions of HL2 or one of us is combining maps from different versions. Please shed some light on this :>

I was told by several people that Ghosting mod and Source Unpack 1.x were using maps that were edited by one of Gocnak’s friends and I think Gocnak himself, or something like that. The maps were edited to make runs more convenient by modifying triggers that cause softlocks that can occur in places like prison, coast and canals, the majority of Source runners said that using edited maps to make runs easier should be cheating and it sounds like it is.

So I asked around and eventually got some original 5135 maps from Lo1ts I think it was, looking at the map size differences it was pretty clear that some of the maps had been edited, Prison maps from Ghosting and Unpack were about 3mb bigger than the original maps. So I replaced the maps, tested the edited maps, nothing seemed to be wrong.

As far as I know people have completed runs successfully using Unpack 2.3 with the new maps, so I’m going to assume you’d have to use Save Deletion like Jukspa says.

When I was making the first versions of the Unpack I started with the maps I found in GCFs, then replaced a bunch of maps myself (because lambda achievements weren’t working) and then I was sent two or so prison maps (IIRC) because of some speedrunning stuff.

The maps between the steam version and 5135 aren’t too much different, most of the differences are something in the order of more supply crates here and there and Alyx also spawns in prison_08. This rule doesn’t make a whole lot of difference now with the current route but it was just something a little bit weird we got rid of.

If you want to make sure you are using the correct maps for ghosting you can download the maps from the rule change post and copy paste the maps to your ghosting folder.