It Really Is That Time


1:27:51 to be exact.

AC Stream:
HQ Torrent (with AC on Audio Track 2):
IQ Torrent:
HQ Direct:

Over 600 days. 200 Segments exactly.


That speed, wooo!


Downloading the HQ torrent, THIS should be watched on a big screen with a ice cold vodka bottle in one arm and sweaty boob girl in another.

Gongrats !!!

Best DWaHMoV Comments

Is there one for me?


I’ll have my computer force seed it as long as I have it on for bitcoin mining. :smiley: I haven’t watched it yet, but I’m sure it’ll be an amazing experience.



That. Was. Amazing. :’>


Too bad Notch didn’t played one segment, just for fun! :smiley:


Thanks for sharing!

Here is HTTP mirror for those who don’t want YouTube quality and can’t download torrents:

Feel free to share it or add it to the original post.


I’ve already watched this run 3 times so far. I don’t see a reason to comment on the quality of the run seeing as I already knew it would be nothing short of amazing, but I must say I was very pleasantly surprised by the audio commentary. You guys did a great job on that; it was a nice blend of interesting topics, humor and just nice conversation in general. I’m really looking forward to the explanation video.


Never heard about multiple-tracks in one video! :open_mouth:
“Hey guys, this is z1mb0bw4y, i got 9 segments in the run, and fuck the other guys, this run sucks” :DDD


Wow. Longtime lurker/forumer checking in to say daaaaamn that was awesome. Will there be a commentary video explaining the tricks/glitches used?

Already watched it like 3 times (+ special moments a bunch of times), I’m sure I’ll watch it as many times as I’ve done hl2dq :slight_smile:

“If you see dr Breen, tell him I said ‘Fuck You!’” lold


Track two!


Thanks, had no idea this was a thing :slight_smile:


Not entirely sure how to hear the AC from track 2 on windows media player… never really decided to download a video viewing software, so… yeah…


We have the AC version of the run uploaded on our channel, so you can watch that.

Just a note: IQ doesn’t have a 2nd track, only HQ :frowning:

Switching audio tracks in WMP should be possible (cannot confirm that though), but it’d be easier to download VLC.



WMP can’t handle more than one audio track in a video properly without help.

So i recommend installing VLC.


I’ve just watched the run in IQ, now downloading the HQ version to extract the commentary track and insert it into the IQ file. I love to watch gameplays in 60 fps.


I forgot it, what did “DWaHMoV” stand for again? I assume it’s not the Klingon word for “segmented”, isn’t it? ;D


Done With a High Magnitude of Velocity.