IRL Countries and languages


I liked the idea of the IRL names topic by cool, so I thought it would be nice to know where every of you are from, since it would show the world-wide impact SourceRuns (and Half-Life) has. I think it would also be nice to know your native languages, I guess you all speak English well but most of us didn’t speak English as a first language

Cameron:D: Australia/English
CooL: USA/English
cRZYFST: German
D4rw1N: Sweden/Swedish
DaleLewill: Sweden/Swedish
Darkevil: Latvia/Russian
DemonStrate/Transgenic(86): USA/English
Doxliy: Russia/Russian
eXeC: Lithuania/Lithuanian
Gocnak: USA/English
igge: Sweden/Swedish
Inexistence: England/English
Kaito Kid: Canada/French
Matmo: Australia/English
Pineapple: Australia/Australian
quadrazid: Sweden/
S.: Netherlands/Frisian
SuperFrizzio: Italy/Italian
TYPICAL: England/English

Please make a post below to add info on your name, or simply add the name.


USA and English.

Pero, estoy aprendiendo español.


Australia/Australian :stuck_out_tongue:


Couldn’t we just have put this info in the name thread, instead of having 2 separate ones?

Sweden, Swedish/English


Lithuania, Lithuanian

But seriously, why would anyone need this kind of topic? They can go to a user’s profile and see where he lives, no need to create new topic.


Because we can :smiley:


My name is not on the list.



actually, I just copied the names on the IRL names list, but now your added :wink:


Damn, now I am obliged to give you my credentials.


you dont have to, But I personally think it would be nice to have as much people as possible on this list.


Country: the Netherlands
Primary language: Frisian


England. It smells here.


you didnt mention a language but I assumed it was english.


Latvia/ Russian, Latvian


Italy | italian


Australian is a language?
I thought they spoke English in AUS


This might sound weird, but Australian is very similar to English. I knew some examples, but I forgot them atm


We do speak English in Australia, I was just being funny :stuck_out_tongue:

you didnt mention a language but I assumed it was english.

I speak a little.


Sweden so… Well… Duh… Swedish.