IRC Channel?


Since we, due to the new patch for ep2, cannot have Steam open while running the game, I was thinking it might be beneficial to get an irc channel.

So, anyone have any idea how to go about it? I’m relatively stupid on the workings of IRC D:


Long time since I used irc, but as far as I remember, you need at least 3 registered members to be on a new channel for a certain amount of time until some bot thingy joins. This should cover most of it. I only am (or was) familiar with qnet, but I guess it’s a similar procedure on other networks.


I’m in.


I’d like to have it on IRCnet as I’ve been a regular there for several years. Ofc quakenet or whatever we have in minds is fine as well, but it just means one more server to connect to on startup. :I


Since I don’t think the rest of us have any irc use otherwise, we might as well use IRCnet really?






Anyone even using this thing?


I join from time to time, but usually there is no one online. :I


Once I get tubes again I won’t leave.




I downloaded an IRC client for you guys. I hope you’re happy.


im hungry brb


Hey, I plan on using irc a bit more again in the future. However, I’m only auth’ed on qnet, so would anyone be interested in registering a channel there? Might even spark up my motivation for Ep2 + blamod + that outtakes movie again. Also, I guess qnet is still quite popular so an irc channel for sourceruns is almost mandatory.

To regsiter the channel we need at least 3 other auth’ed users in addition to myself. The channel is obviously #sourceruns. I’ll be in there all day. So if there’s enough interest, join me there.

If you don’t know how to get an account and auth yourself, here’s what you do:

  • get an irc client like mirc
  • connect to the quakenet server
  • choose a nickname via /nick bla (this will be your authname)
  • type /msg Q hello youremail youremail
  • check your emails, follow the link in it that gives you your password
  • copy the auth command from the page where you get your password
  • if you use mirc, I recommend that you paste the auth line and a /j #sourceruns in the perform dialogue so you don’t have to do it all manually the next time


I never used IRC Client before. Can someone recommend me one? Is mIRC okay?


I’m using mIRC 6.34 with nnscript 4.22 (requires mIRC < 6.35). Can definitely recommend it. I think I used something else in the past, but I can’t remember what it was.


And what does “nnscript” do?


It’s just a collection of scripts and what not that let you do all kinds of things (away system, email check, newsticker, etc.). I mainly use it for cosmetic purposes though.

On a side note, what’s up with the site? It constantly times out on me :confused:


I’m not working on the site anymore. I don’t think I will continue, since Cameron’s is way better with all the SMF Synchronization. It probably times out because the hosting’s bandwidth is exceeded due to FastDL for my css server. Anyway, if you liked the site, I could continue the work on it :slight_smile:


Yeah I’ll join. I really want to see a finished Blamod! =D

I’ll do it after I get back from uni today.