Introduction for an upcoming speedrunner


Hey SR!

I’ve been meaning to get into HL speedrunning last year already but unexpectedly had less time than I wished, so I’m looking to get on top of that this year. I’ve been speedrunning kz maps for a few years already so I don’t need introduction to movement related things, really. I also watched a good amount of SS/RTA/TAS runs - whatever I could find basically.

I have a few questions about setting things up and the rules for the categories. I am most interested in single segment running.

First thing, which client is most common? I remember a year ago many people said that NGHL should be used. Is there any alternative now? Is it necessary to use NGHL? Is bunnymod pro allowed in SS/RTA runs? Are aliases for things like object boosting, gaussing or bhopping - if bunnymod pro is not allowed - allowed? Is changing fps_max within the run allowed (or even possible since I know that some games don’t allow changing fps_max while inside a server and others like CS:GO do)? What are the core differences between the different HL versions?

I might update this with more questions as I come up with them.

Thanks in advance!


Bunnymod Pro is no longer seen as Half-Life anymore, but rather as a mod. Pretty much everyone uses either NGHL or THIS. But no matter which client you use, you most likely are going to want to have the WON dlls. (aka valve_WON) That can be found HERE. Another thing that is crucial for speedrunning is BunnyMod XT. That can be found HERE. And you also might want the launcher.exe for that as well. Changing fps_max during a run is allowed as far as I know. Well, I see people do it all the time so I’m pretty sure it’s fine. But for the most part you’ll be wanting fps_max 100. The major core differences between the two clients (or the only things that I notice) are minor things such as:

  1. When using the infinite health glitch, NGHL has the hud go to 255 and then reset however you still have all the health that it is counting… You’ll just have to do some quick multiplying to figure out how much health you have. The GoldSRC Package 1.2 just counts up to infinity.

  2. There are a few new settings in the options menu, like “Disable VSync” and “HD Models” and things like that included in the GoldSRC Package 1.2

  3. You can do CTRL+A in the console in the GoldSRC Package 1.2 (VERY USEFUL)

  4. NGHL includes a lot of customization when installing such as hd models, Bunnymod Pro, and the Q3 Style skin pack.

I recommend getting the GoldSRC Package 1.2 because it already includes valve_WON, Blue Shift, and Opposing Force. So basically the only other thing you need to install is BXT and any script(s) you might be needing if you are doing scripted running.


Thanks a lot for your answer!


Unless you have a shitty GPU which requires the Direct3D renderer to achieve a stable framerate, NGHL is not necessary. Download the GoldSrc Package as Pcow suggested, it has literally everything you need (BXT, all the major games + versions and RInput).

Scripts are not allowed for leaderboard submissions (you can see all the rules if you click ‘Show rules’ in the top right of any leaderboard). Changing fps_max is allowed.

The standard versions (i.e DLLs) for the Half-Life and Opposing Force leaderboards are the optimal WON versions, which are included in the GoldSrc Package as valve_WON and gearbox_WON. However this is not the case for Blue Shift, where the standard is the latest Steam (bshift) version.

In the case that he is using the latest Steam client (i.e the GoldSrc Package) which he probably will be, fps_max 99.5 is the correct value. This is due to an update where .5 is added to whatever value you specify to try and fix the cl_showfps counter (so that it shows 100 instead of 99). In any case, if he’s using valve_WON or gearbox_WON the fps_max is already set to the correct value through userconfig.cfg.

Again, BXT is included in the GoldSrc Package so that won’t be necessary unless he wants to download a pre-release version. I’ll try to keep it up to date with the proper releases when they come out.

There’s a thread listing many of the differences between DLLs and engines, though it’s not that important if you’re just going to follow the standard.