If You Wish To Run, You'll Need This: Pre-Update


Since this is a pretty important part of whoever wants to run Ep2 I figured they should have to look through 11 pages and counting to find this link.


To prevent these errors:

Can’t find background image

Make sure Steam isn’t running in the background.


Stickied. I haven’t had that problem, I’m on 64 bit 7 too. Any ideas all?


I have a feeling that you have to put it in a certain directory…


Extract the folder preupdate into your half-life 2 episode two\ep2\ folder. Right-click the shortcut labelled ep2, and change the directory and target to work for where you have it installed. Then edit the rev.ini, changing the paths CachePath and SteamExe so they lead to the folders you have.

Have you done all that?


Yeah. It’s started working. Thanks very much.

For a list of shit you can change in the config to do with full screen and other settings here’s a list.



I updated the archive for those who have the low-violence version (which should be me only^^) and added a little readme. By the way, it doesn’t matter where the preupdate folder is located. Dunno why I thought it mattered before :S



WAT. Is that from the link I gave you?


Yep. I also scanned the .rar itself, and sure enough, it told me the steam.dll was infected.


:-\ I’m not sure who’s hosting this version of the fix either. I think it might be Niklas and I haven’t seen him around recently.

Scanning my pre-update now. If I don’t find anything I’ll try hosting that version. If you still find something in it then… we couldn’t be any worse off.

EDIT: Found something. The exact same thing. :-\

This things been on my computer awhile too… 8)

EDIT2: Not feeling too comfortable with keeping on using this version of the preupdate until Niklas tells us what’s up. Apparently that trojan is a bit mean. :-\


Yep, same here.


I didn’t encounter the problem. Normally my anti-virus software tells me about stuff like this, too. However, the steam.dll in the archive (which is hosted on my dropbox) is part of the revemu version I used to create the non-steam version. Anyway, I personally don’t worry too much about warnings like this cause it doesn’t say that the exact same virus or trojan is actually somewhat included in the dll. It merely states that there are structures in the dll that resemble a certain trojan which shouldn’t come as a shock to you really as the dll is most-likely a hack in order to bypass some sort of security check. Go ahead and check some of those other cracks you have on your computers for viruses and trojans. I’m pretty sure something will come up as well.

Besides, when I started to learn C I also wrote programs (shitty little hello world programs) which got flagged as viruses or trojans when in fact it was just bad programming on my part. I mean, it’s up to you. If you don’t wanna risk it, delete the file. After all, I don’t know what these guys did in order to create the dll, but I personally don’t worry about it. I’ve used the steam emulator for over a year and never had any trouble with viruses or the likes.


Uhh… I’m going to risk it I guess. This thing is supposed to download Trojan’s to your computer. Did a full scan and found out that HP are shit but that’s a different story.

Also I have great faith in Nik. :stuck_out_tongue: You don’t get segments in Ep1 to start attacking other team members.


Yeah, I was just waiting to hear from you, and I do indeed trust everyone on this forum. It’s just that when the antivirus all of a sudden warns me about a trojan I tend to act accordingly.


I get the background error even though Steam isn’t running in the background. I’ve changed all paths, directories and whatnot to what they should be but I still encounter this problem…

Anyone got any ideas?


Hey man, not quite sure how to fix your problem. If you come on irc, it’d probably be helpful, plus if you’re wanting to run with us, we’d want you on regardless. If you know anything about irc, we’re on Quakenet and channel #sourceruns.

If not… I guess I’ll get to writing up a guide on how to connect to irc.


Hm. Weird. Have you tried just doing it all again from scratch? Perhaps you missed something.

Try doing it again, and if it still doesn’t work let us know.


I think I already did that somewhere.

As for your problem, D4rw1N, did you set both the “Target” and “Start in” values of the shortcut? My shortcut targets G:\preupdate\hl2.exe -game ep2 -appid 420 -novid -console -window for instance, “Starting in” is set to G:\preupdate. I should probably replace the shortcuts with batch files to make the paths system-independent.


So what can I do about the ‘closecaption_english.dat’ error? Maybe extracting from GCF and placing to preupdate folder?


Yeah since we seem to have almost exactly the same problem we can both try to get somewhere. Make a post if you manage to solve it, I’ll do it as well if I somehow would solve it on my own.